Feed Your Body with Good Filtered Water Using Home Water Filters

By: Kevin Mason

Drinking water filter system is a home water filter which purify the water from water contaminants in your tap water. Therefore, such filtered water from in-house water filter eliminates water contaminants and enhances the taste of your drinking water.

Your body occupy over 70% water. You can see how important water we drink will have dramatic impact on your long term health. When you regularly drink enough water, a universal solvent and transport medium, that will provide water for your essential organs like liver and kidneys and help them to flush toxics from your blood stream constantly.

However, if you drink water that contains chlorine or other inorganic and organic compounds on daily basis, you constantly force your kidneys and liver to act as a filter for these contaminants. That will absolutely add burden to liver and kidney. Sooner or later, your essential organs will fail to do what they suppose to do, then you will be sick from sub-clinical stage to clinical stage. The most important thing to remember is that even the best tap water still contains lot of water contaminants which may include chlorine, lead and harmful bacteria or by-products of chemicals.

The best option is to drink water free of water contaminants but having traces of natural minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium. Every parent wants to give her/his children every opportunity possible to succeed. Thus taking a few minutes to provide clean, healthy water to drink for your kids is one of the best and easiest ways to accomplish this goal.

But the million dollar question is that why there is need for home water filter when there is enough source of water. In California, it is illegal to sell any water filter device that claim for the reduction of anything other than chlorine, taste and odor unless water filter device has been tested by the state of California to reduce said contaminant.

You may have realized that a lot of water filter systems are available in the market and also online for purchase. There are numerous kinds of home water filter available in the market like countertop water filter, under sink water filter, refrigerator water filter, pitcher filter, faucet-mounted water filter, shower water filter, whole house water filter and garden water filter, etc. We will talk about few home water filter systems below.

Whole house water filters do just what the name describes; they provide water filtration for the entire home simultaneously without having to be installed at each individual water faucet. Under counter water filters are among the more expensive options to take in this field, and they provide excellent water filtration results. However, counter top water filters can be extremely convenient if you choose right water filters for your family. Some of them have beautiful design placed on the counter. Generally they are more expensive than under sink water filters.

Carbon is the primary substance used in water filter because carbon has the potential to absorb many of the chemicals existed in water. Although reverse osmosis does extract several contaminants from drinking water, its removal capabilities are not ideally suited to the challenges of drinking water. In spite of this shortcoming, reverse osmosis water is becoming very popular amongst Americans, because people focus on the benefits, not its drawbacks. Personally I don't recommend reverse osmosis water filter.

It is also very vital to begin, or continue using, a home water filtration system. Therefore home water filter systems have become very popular among many homeowners as a means of improving their home. Either you install a portable, fixed, or even refrigerator unit. Some of them even install whole house filter systems.

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Kevin Mason is a health consultant. He truly believe that drinking purified water is the first step to maintain optimal health. He reviewed top 10 whole house water filters honestly and help you easily find the best drinking water filter.

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