Features to Apply for Your Presentation Folders

By: Mark Jason

Presentation folders are key elements that are usually presented to the client to give a brief introduction about a company’s history, profile, services and other info. It is common that sales people are required to have this marketing guarantee especially when dealing with clients.

Some features that you must have for your 2012 folders are as follows:

Your folder headline:
Printing custom presentation folders means creating your type of headline. The headline is the first and one of the most essential features that make a big impact in presentation folder printing. It is both the explainer of the content and the direct advertiser.

Your folder configuration:
The folder template used for your presentation folders is definitely another big factor in the success or failure of these prints. There are actually many variations. You can use certain types of pocket folders with different styled pockets.
You can also experiment with additional folders, more uncommon type folders and even customized folder shapes if you want. However, you need to be certain of the fact that the layout basically fits all the content that you want your folders to handle. Otherwise, your folders might not look as professional as it should be, leading to negative feedback.

Your folder images:
The photographs and images are obviously another important factor. Original images can make all the difference between a good impression and a highly memorable presentation folders versus images that are just clip-arts placed together to represent a simple meaning. So one should be serious when selecting images Insert the finest, clearest and highest resolution image you can for your folder.

The folder color theme:
Most common folders are colored yellow or white which does not excite the client. The thing that will make a big distinction for your presentation folders is when you use bright and eye catching colors. So the color theme can make all the difference between highly attractive folders and those that just look ordinary.

The folder material:
Lastly, the quality of the folder material will also make that big difference between success and failure for your presentation folders. Better quality paper and coatings enhances your design. So spending on the material won’t be in vain, because people do truly judge presentation folders by the tackiness or expensiveness of the folder materials.

There are several variations in the design of the folders that you can choose according to your requirements. The logos and eye catching colors give your company a good name and also benefit you in return. The size of the folder should be compatible to the size of the documents. Improper measurements and folders can bring a negative image of your professionalism. Colors should be eye catching and in accordance to the theme of the product or company. Select the Pocket Folders that are basically easily printable and handy. The papers that you use should be of good quality. Furthermore, try to make the design as creative and innovative as possible. The design should be such that it jumps off the page and attracts more clients towards your company because such little things can matter a lot. These fundamental steps will surely lead you to make a respectable folder according to your needs.

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