Features that are Imperative in a High Performance Siren

By: Sunil Punjabi

A good quality, high performance siren can be of great use to alert motorists on the road, warn the general public and also relay a warning signal to a law enforcement vehicle. sirens are put to great use in medical emergency vehicles like ambulances and vehicles on rescue missions such as fire engines. sirens can prove to be effective when their sound can alert even those at a distance over the din of a chaotic or high traffic area. For this purpose, it is important to look for a set of features when you are purchasing the equipment.

A high performance siren has to be SAE Class A rated, so that you can derive confidence and rely on it during critical conditions. You can get a siren in 100 as well as 200 Watt rating, depending upon the number of speakers which are available with the original equipment. Self-contained electronic sirens rated at 100 or 200 Watt come with amplifiers along with several other individual components that can be put to great use. A good example would be an illuminated switch panel with LED backlighting that acts as the control module for the siren and helps in making use of the built in features of the siren.

A reliable and resilient siren has a compact design and usually comes with a noise cancelling microphone. Besides, some sirens also have an additional plug-in microphone with adjustable volume levels. Also, sirens come with a PA volume control knob so that you can adjust the decibel level depending upon the need of the hour. High performance sirens come with 8 Ė 12 built in tones such as wail, piercer, yelp, manual wail, Hi-Lo and air horn. You can scan and operate the tones using Scan Lock programming.

A good quality siren usually comes with a 7-position rotary or slide switch that is used for selecting the desired function. A manual push button switch is also provided to override the actual tone being played at any time and instead play a default tone configured into the equipment for specific scenarios. In some cases, this is used as a push to talk button, which can be pressed so that the public address system can be used instead of the tone to address a gathering or a group of people, to make an announcement.

When you want to pick a reliable siren, you have to go for one which comes with a real time diagnostics indicator. The LED indicator shows if the equipment isnít functioning properly or if the equipment has been affected by short circuiting or voltage spikes. Hands free operation with horn ring control is another feature present in top quality sirens. The sirens also come with power toggle switches, frequency control knobs and programmable outlets. Some sirens can even produce composite air-horn sounds which are harmonically rich. The sirens come with good mounting hardware, pigtail connectors and a 4 or 6 outlet power supply along with a quick disconnect plug for easy servicing and repair.

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