Features of a Well Made Motorbike Game

By: Damian Cross

For many a pc gaming fan, there is nothing quite like a good online motorbike game. The thrill and the excitement of driving high-speed bikes is a great drawing factor. There is also the factor of easy accessibility via absolutely any platform. The platform independence of these games means that the players can easily work on Windows, Mac or Linux and still have the same gaming experience.

Also, these games are usually personal or fan projects that are made available free of cost to anyone who wants to host them or play them. Thus there are no costs involved for playing these games except the time, which the gamers will happily spend behind these games. There are many sites hosting these games and most of them do not require any form of registration or payment for using these games.

A good motorbike game has a lot of different criterions to fulfill in order to please the hardcore gaming crowd. These aspects are the ones on which a game stands. Usually, the first impression of the game is formed by the graphics and the artwork of the game. This is of course not of that much importance to the actual playability of the game but it often decides whether a visitor will choose the game or not. Great graphics is obviously a pull factor and really bad graphics will likely drive people away. But as games have shown time and time again even stick figure games can be addictive if made right.

The next aspect is the gameplay. This is where a game's appeal is really decided. You have to make it easy and simple enough for almost anyone to understand. Having intuitive controls is the greatest boost a game can get. While keeping it simple is good, making it too simple and limiting the game is almost as bad if not more. This is where a lot of new game makers fail.

The next aspect of an online motorbike game is the objective and the in-game environment. If the objective of the game is to win track races, the game should have well designed tracks that are quite different from one another and offer progressively tougher challenges. Having similar tracks or levels can turn off gamers completely.

Cheat codes is another aspect of these games. It might seem unlikely but cleverly deployed cheat codes can actually make the game more fun for players. For example if you have cheat code that allows you to change the color of your bike to whatever you like, it will definitely make your game play more enjoyable. However, if you have a cheat code that does all the playing for you it can get really boring really fast for gamers.

There are a great many websites that are dedicated to online motorbike games. These websites usually have handpicked games that are meant to be the best match for that website. Some also have games that are unique to that site. You have to look through the top sites to find the games that you like.

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