Features of Excellent Guinea pig cages

By: Malcolm Nguyen

•Plenty of room inside for the animals to eat, sleep and play. You should always put the well-being of your animals at the forefront of your mind and this should be your key concern when buying guinea pig cages. If your animals do not have adequate room they will become unhappy and could fall ill this is something that you want to avoid at all costs.

•Fences that is secure, especially if the animals are going to be kept outside. As most guinea pig cages will be kept outside the animals must be safe and secure while they are in them. So check that the guinea pig hutches that you are interested in are well made and have a mesh wire fence that is well secured over any open areas. This will provide the animals with plenty of fresh air without being exposed to any potential dangers such as other animals that could harm them.

•The hutch must be easy to keep clean. As a responsible owner you will have to clean out the cage frequently to ensure that your guinea pig are happy and healthy at all times. So keep this in mind when you are looking for guinea pig cages. An easy clean hutch will allow you access to all areas and enable you to disinfect it and remove any debris and dirt that builds up.

•The door of the hutch must have a good lock on it, especially if you will be keeping the hutch outdoors. A lockable door is absolutely essential if you want to keep your animals safe at all times. The door of the hutch must be easy to open and close and have a latch on it which you can fit a lock to. Some guinea pig cages will actually come with their own lock, so if you want even more convenience look out for one like this.

•The hutch must be made from the right type of material. Most guinea pig hutches are wooden and have been treated so that they can be left outside in all weather conditions. These wooden hutches can be painted to look good in your backyard and look quite traditional. You can find hutches that are made from plastic and these are strong and easy to clean, but they can get very warm inside, so they are a good choice for indoor guinea pigs.

•The hutch must be very durable so that it will last for many years. No one wants to buy guinea pig cage that needs replacing every one or two years as this can work out to be very expensive. You might find that a very durable hutch is slightly more expensive than one that is made from cheaper materials, but it will last for much longer and provide your animals with a comfortable home. So when you start looking for guinea pig cages think carefully about how durable the one that you are interested in is likely to be.

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