Features and advantages of the par38 LED light for residential and commercial spaces.

By: Cesar Muler

Choosing the right lighting innovation for both residential and commercial spaces have a big influence on energy savings and overall lighting efficiency. Light bulbs have evolved considerably in the last few years and with the increasing demand for green innovations, it is vital to find a product that will offer energy efficiency and at the same time, help reduce the amount of bulbs used in a year. By focusing on innovations that last longer, you get better ROI and also save money in the long run. The features and other aspects of the PAR38 LED light is a fantastic option to consider in order achieving these goals and generating savings.

What is a par38 LED bulb? PAR stands for parabolic aluminized reflector lamp. The par38 LED light is a unique type of electric lighting that is used for transportation, commercial and residential lighting. Examples of the par38 LED bulb are those found in headlights of modern cars, landing lights for aircraft as well as recessed lights or cans for commercial and residential purposes. Aside from these examples, the PAR 38 is also very useful for theatrical performances, concert or stage lighting where special gels can be used to create a unique color treatment.

The par38 LED bulb has two important components. First is the reflector that helps divert the light and in a way, helps in softening the edges, but focusing the light to a more concentrated location. The lens covers the bulb and offers protection while also helping in increasing the light output. The par38 LED bulb contains LED lights, which are solid, bright, cool and high efficient tool for lighting purposes, more ideal for home and commercial lighting since the light is not hot and can be easily managed to ensure top quality results.

Another aspect of the par38 LED light is that it can be used for outdoor purposes as well due to its heavy-duty casing. That is why they are very versatile for many homes and businesses. You can use them for direct lighting but you can also bounce the light upwards or sideways for indirect or ambient lighting. By simply changing the position of the light, you can change the function and effect of the light in that space where the light was implemented. Choosing the right light is a major investment nowadays and it is very important that you choose a light that can reduce energy costs and ensure that each light that you buy can last a very long time.

LEDs are the preferred technology for the par38 light since LEDs have proven to be highly reliable, cost effective, durable and high quality. If you are looking for a top-notch lighting innovation, LED is one of your best options. It is an energy saving innovation and though it is expensive compared to halogens, they last a very long time and are free from any gas components and chemicals that could lead to poisoning when not properly used. Thus, the par38 LED bulb is a perfect innovation to take advantage of.

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