Features That Contribute to the Effectiveness of Volunteer Firefighter Lights

By: Sunil Punjabi

When you talk about volunteer firefighter lights, there are two types of equipment that can be focussed upon. There are lights which are mounted on top of emergency vehicles so that they can alert other motorists on the road to give them a freeway. When volunteer vehicles speeding for a fire rescue mission need a clear way, these emergency light bars or even beacons can prove to be extremely helpful to get a clear path. Beacons are amongst the most effective emergency lights for volunteer vehicles. This is for two important reasons. Firstly, the beacons are lightweight and portable and can be easily mounted on the roofs of vehicles with the help of a set of 3 powerful magnets.

The magnets with a combined pull of 60lbs can easily hold the beacon steadily on top of a speeding vehicle. Moreover, rubber pads can ensure that there are no scratches on the emergency vehicle. The other important advantage offered by beacons is that they have gyratory capability as well. This means they can send across the beams in all directions. 360-degree coverage can prove to be very useful when you want to alert vehicle drivers all around about the emergency rescue mission on which the volunteer vehicle is heading to. volunteer firefighter lights like beacons can be of great use, as the vehicles used for the rescue missions can change often and hence you would need something that is easily manageable.

Another breed of volunteer firefighter lights are those which are used by fire fighters during the actual rescue mission. These include flash lights that are lightweight and more importantly designed for exceptional performance. There are many reasons why these LED flashlights can be so useful. They produce penetrative light beams that can be spotted through smoke and haze. The lights are not harsh on the eyes, ensuring that they donít end up blinding someone in the middle of a rescue mission as a moment of uncertainty can prove to be dangerous. The LED lights donít burn out abruptly and that is one reason LEDs are used so much in emergency lighting equipment.

volunteer firefighter lights are lightweight due to which they can be mounted on helmets freeing up the fire fighters. These can also be attached using straps to the wrists or waists. The lightweight flashlights can prove to be very effective because of unidirectional LED beams in different colours. The led elements are mounted in the middle of chrome or aluminium deflectors, so that the lights go out in all directions providing greater coverage.

volunteer firefighter lights make use of technology as well to assist fire fighters during rescue missions. The use of TIR LED technology, beam temperature control technology and light house optics ensure that efficient lighting is on offer during fire rescue missions. Whether the lights are mounted on a vehicle or carried in the form of flashlights, LEDs prove to be efficient because they consume very less energy and hence can be used for prolonged hours.

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