Features That Add to the Efficiency of LED Light Bars

By: Sunil Punjabi

LED light bars have brought about a welcome change in the way emergency lighting is perceived predominantly. In a lot of ways, light bars making use of light emitting diodes have addressed the common concerns around emergency lighting, offering an array of features which enhance efficiency and provide reliability. Some of these features are intuitive and some of them are a result of years of development and research. The use of technology has added to the quality of the features, making the light bars not only reliable but also resilient to heavy duty usage and effective in several different ways. High performance light bars also come with several different functions bundled together.

LED light bars usually have several different light heads that include LED strobes, alley lights, flashing takedowns and steady burn light heads. The light bars which come in several different dimensions to suit installation on various kinds of vehicles have excellent operational control. Good light bars give you frontal, rear and all bar operational control, which can come handy when you want to emit signals or flash lights along one direction. Light bars are also equipped with corner facing and staggered strobes which provide lighting in all 4 directions, making sure that the warning signal is reasonably perceivable in all kinds of weather conditions. The visibility of the light is responsible for the growing popularity of the light bars.

LED light bars are laced with built in flash patterns which enhance the visibility further. Sequential and alternating flashes across different LED modules can really attract the attention of all motorists around. The flash rate can be as rapid as 100 fpm in some cases. While a wig wag or external flasher is used in some cases, a lot of modern light bars come with built in technology that allows you to make the most out of the flashes. Dual coloured LED modules go a notch higher up when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness of the warning signal. While some light bars have individual LED modules with LEDs in different colours, others have split segments with multiple arrays of coloured LEDS. For more flexibility, it is possible to use a combination of slide in lenses and coloured filters with white LEDs so that you can change the colour of the light as and when required.

The efficiency of LED light bars can largely be attributed to their operational ease, enhanced through the presence of a controller box. Varieties of switches are in place to access different functions. For example, there are knobs for altering the intensity of the lighting. There are power buttons to access and operate individual segments. There are controls for switching on flash patterns and altering them. You can also go for steady burn mode or dimmers if required. The efficiency of light bars is also owing to the longevity of LEDs which consume less energy and offer greater luminosity. Light bars are also thermally efficient and sturdy with the aluminium chassis and polycarbonate base.

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