Fear Of Change | Negative Conformity

By: Cracchiolo Corbi

"Negative Conformity".

We Live In An Age now of negative conformity significance that a lot of people throughout the globe do not think at all and have no faith inConformity their own capacity. If they are lucky during these economic times ...

they work and regrettably are still damaged and daily it is the same routine day after day--) week after week--) time after time and primary it stays that way till the day they Pass away...

and it is all out sad to see individuals your job all their lives and do not get an opportunity to appreciate everything FLEXIBILITY has to provide. It seems that 80 % + Just already existing to make the BILL COLLECTORS "RICH"

. and if they can handle to conserve a minor money some unanticipated scenario shows up ... and simply snatches that right up.

Individuals are aggravated and Truthfully the honest truth be informed "All out Sick of The Struggle !!".
Why Negative Conformity?

Negative Conformity: The majority of individuals enable their scenario and surroundings to dictate their lives and simply go with the flow, or simply claim it is exactly what it is they adapt why? ... ... ... because that is what 80 % + of the populace is doing it's called Adhere to The Follower and it comes to be a limitless pattern that could last generations... Why does this pattern already existing? Because of negative conformity of organization, the simplest way to clarify this is by the Old pointing out. "Birds Of A Feather Flock Together"... However being in the incorrectly situation or association could be ruining, for the ones stuck in the "Rut" who are flat out tired of the struggle and looking for some light at the end of the passage ...

The unfortunate point is That Institutions do not educate this lesson you are dispatched in to the globe with no know-how of negative conformity. Some people are privileged to associate with someone that has been subjected to transform and are drown to their philosophy ...... ... but many individuals live their entire lives with Blinders on wanting to make a modification in their life yet don't know exactly how due to tunnel vision from negative conformity ... and "FEAR"I know you are questioning exactly what the heck is Robert discussing "FEAR" please proceed here.
Fear Of Adjustment|Fear Of The Unknown.

Fear_Of_Change Okay Robert what do YOU mean by Fear Of Adjustment? "Fear of the unknown".
What I mean by fear of change we acquire comfortable or better placed safe and secure with our current situation and.

associations and not realizing that it might be a negative situation because of conformity don't want to loose that protection neither our present organizations ... and be classified as and outcast however similar to in AA or NA to alter you have to change the 3 p's 1. People 2. Places 3. Things. If you are truly sick and tired of the struggle you are going to need to make some extremely tough choices and its real as soon as this is done ...

... ... you will be traveling to unidentified area and Fear will certainly show it's hideous face however the trick is to take control since YOU are in charge of your very own destination! The 1st action to making a modification is Mindset... Kindly Go to My Following Post Attitude Is Everything ... To Your Growth

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