Fat Burning Exercises - Best Overall

By: Dave Jackson

When I jogged I knew I was burning fuel, but for some reason I was not dropping the pounds. And brother, I needed to drop the pounds. Not that I was huge, but I knew my belly was getting out of control. I discovered that I should be upping my intake of omega oils but I had no clue why. And then someone clued me in.

And if oils are so good for you, how can you possibly lose weight when we're told to stay away from them? We learned that the body needs a certain amount of fat and that the cells themselves contain good oils which makes them healthier and work better. Carbs do turn into sugars, but how can I use this knowledge to the best fat burning exercise I can do?

What I didn't know is how the muscle was fed. Yes, in school we learned that muscles feed off sugars in our system. And I know for a fact that when kids eat tons of sugar they are bouncing off the walls. But I discovered that the muscle uses sugar as a super fuel, sort of like gasoline on a fire. It is hot and fast and it's over. But what about those good oils? How do they fit in?

Yes, sugars fuel the muscles and are terrific for a good rush of energy. But if you want long term stability, for jogs or any long aerobic activity, the oils come into play. You see, sugar provides a quick burst and burns no fat - makes the muscle look for more sugar and makes you crave more sugar. But feeding oil the muscles will burn it longer and leaner and will begin to burn fat that is in your cells as well. And here's how that happens.

People who ride bikes have been studied. It's been shown that they have excellent legs, but their abdominals are weak. This is because of the sport they are in targets that one muscle group. And what they eat is a big player, too. If they eat foods rich in carbs, they burn quickly and don't normally burn much body fat. If they eat foods rich in the omega oils, they burn slowly and the body fat is involved as well.

Swimming is a good overall exercise, but doesn't target the abdomen either. Other similar exercises that can be performed at length will burn fat in the muscle groups they are targeting and if proteins rich in the omegas are used, the fat percentage of the body actually drops. Targeting muscle groups like sit-ups, lifting free weights, all help along with the special diet. And then there are exercises that don't help much at all.

Short sprints, golf, basketball, tennis, really anything where you are using short spurts of energy, your muscles will look first for sugars to supply high energy in bursts. As you work longer aerobic exercises, the body starts burning fat. And when you get to that level, the body will continue to look for fat as fuel. But which exercises are the best for fat burning?

When you perform aerobic exercises of 30 minutes or more, such as jogging for more than a half hour, your cardio rises and the muscles will change from burning sugars to burning fat. Yes, all muscles burn sugars, but the fats are converted to fuel by the body after the carbs are depleted. But the best trick of all is to not eat after you jog or long term exercise for up to an hour so the muscles continue to use the fat as fuel. So where would you find a good program that involves good oils and fat burning?

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Like I said, I've researched many of the best fat burning programs out there and give my thoughts on the three that I feel are worth taking a look at. If this article makes sense to you, you owe it to your health to give these programs a quick look. Thank you.

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