Fast Homemade Basic Pizza Recipe

By: Sarah Carlye

Don’t bother getting the mixing bowl or measuring cup out, you don’t have to do that for most of the suggestions for fast homemade pizza. When you make homemade pizza, everyone can have his or her own favorite toppings. Get out a pad of paper when you make the pizza and take notes on what works for you-how much of everything you used, if you needed more or less sauce, favorite toppings, etc. You will end up with your own personal ingredient list and unique recipe after making a couple homemade pizzas.

Before starting to make the pizza, decide if you will have one pizza with the same topping on all of it, or individual pizzas. For one pizza, a cookie sheet works well or a pizza pan. For individual pizzas, a cake pan works well. For some choices of “crust”, like hamburger buns, individual pizzas can be laid out on cookie sheets. Cheese can fall on the pan when individual pizzas are made and can be hard to clean. It’s suggested to line the pan with foil before arranging the individual pizza crusts.

There are ready-made pizza sauces, but you can use ready-made spaghetti sauces and it will be more economical. Leftover homemade spaghetti sauce works well too. If you have a thick sauce and a small can of plain tomato sauce. The inexpensive ready-made sauces often work best because they tend to be thinner. If the sauce seems a little bland add a little oregano, Italian seasoning blend, and/or garlic powder. The amount of sauce that you need will vary depending on the amount of pizzas you make.

There are traditional crusts you can make from a box or buy ready to cook in the refrigeration section. When choosing a crust made from dough, press down the dough on the bottom of the pan and create a “lip” on the edges to hold in the sauce and toppings. Put a little olive oil on your fingers to keep the dough from sticking. Remember the dough will rise so make it thinner than you want the finished product to be. Other options for crust:

* Hamburger buns or English muffins-good for individual pizzas
* Biscuit dough-sprinkle garlic salt or powder and Italian seasoning on the dough before pressing down
* Frozen bread dough-follow direction on package for thawing, instead of putting in a bread pan to rise, put on a cookie sheet or cake pan. Experiment with time needed to cook and temperature.

Shredded mozzarella cheese is the most commonly used cheese for pizza. Not all white cheese is created equal, save the Monterey Jack cheese for Mexican food. Italian blend shredded cheese often has provolone and mozzarella cheese. For added flavor sprinkle Parmesan cheese before adding the shredded cheese. Three options for putting cheese on the homemade pizza:

1. Layer of cheese on top of sauce
2. Layer of cheese on top of toppings
3. Layer of cheese on top of sauce and a light layer on top of toppings

It all depends how much you like cheese which option you will use.

Pizza toppings are only limited by your imagination. It is best to have meat cooked before adding to the pizza.

The pizza should be baked until the crust is cooked and the cheese is completely melted. If it bakes too fast reduce the temperature 25 degrees.

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