Fashion Photography does wonders if combined with the Business of Printing Press

By: Bryan Salomon

Fashion magazines require much more investment per copy of publishing than any other news magazine. The reason for increased cost of fashion magazine is the same as high costs of advertisement and marketing for fashion industry on proportional basis with that of any other industry. The marketing events are not so frequent but are seasonal. There is a boost in advertisements for fashion goodies especially during Christmas times or one the eve of the New Year.

The fashion magazines use a better quality page and printing standards are also way too high. The costs of hiring photographer vary but the distribution and other administration costs remain similar and common in almost all the cases. For magazines that are non fashion, they spend more of the cash and other resources in getting better quality content and improved standards for articles. While the fashion magazines are concerned with good quality of pages and printing material. The fashion magazines give a sense of high expenditure from a touch to it. For hiring commercial photographer Dubai offers many routes and options to choose one. It depends heavily upon the reason why one such photographer is hired or better said the work you want them to get completed. The photographers for commercial purposes may be hired for a variety of reasons including for taking photos and preparing albums for the purposes of going public and inviting deposit for selling company shares in which the premises and other pictures of a company are placed in the prospectus. For any school or college, good and bright photos with catchy colors may act as a form of strong advertisement material. The photographers normally work in collaboration with a printing press. Sometimes the photographers also own a printing press of their own. In any case the main responsibility and the deliverable of the photographers are to produce a booklet which combines both pictures and text. The use of a professional photographer Dubai offers a platform to first contact a printing press which then arranges a said photographer.

Companies that provide both services under one roof show that they have strong financial capital and continued support for the finance required to conduct the day to day business. Resultantly their quality of product and service efficiency is of high standards. This attracts people towards them who want a better quality product at a price slightly higher than the market price. For similar reasons we can see some low price offerings mushrooming from photographers who drastically cut their profit margins and are also alleged to drop their quality as well.

Photographs are part and parcel of some offering specially those by the well recognized printing press. The press has the ability to produce products in numerous numbers and after that all they need to do is to generate some high demand for their products. Usually the company requires the services of photographers on special occasions only. Due to this uncertain nature of revenue generating option open to photographers, they are mostly concerned with maintaining personal relationships. They give out their best to their customers so by doing this they rope in the customer as a permanent one. The customer then acts as a form of marketing tool whenever their friends, relatives, peers or other acquaintance ask for their advice, they take the name of the vendor who won their trust.

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Bryan Salomon is a fashion photographer of repute associated with HUpix Photo Studio. Based in Dubai, he is recognized as a one of best photographer in Dubai and a thought leader on topic associated with glam and the local fashion industry.  Feel free to contact for any further inquiry.

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