Far Infrared Saunas: Healing Warmth in Your Home

By: Chris Robertson

It's cold outside and there is nothing I would like more than to sit in a sauna and warm my bones. I have only used a traditional, or stone, sauna, but I hear that infrared saunas with their soft, penetrating heat are even more soothing and healing.

Infrared versus traditional saunas

Infrared radiation is electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength longer than that of the light we can see but shorter than that of radio waves. Infrared, or far infrared, heat is a safe form of energy.

In an infrared sauna electromagnetic heat warms your skin without heating the air in the sauna; infrared radiant heat is absorbed directly into your body. With a traditional sauna your body is heated indirectly by air that is warmed by hot stones.

Why does that matter? Because of the deep penetration of infrared heat, you get the benefits of a sauna at a lower temperature (180 degrees F for a traditional sauna compared to 120 degrees for an infrared). This is particularly important for people who are uncomfortable in very high heat or who have certain health conditions that are exacerbated by very high heat.

Benefits of infrared saunas

Pain relief. Chronic back pain sufferers have found almost instant relief from spending time in an infrared sauna. People with psoriasis reported their painful rashes cleared and their health improved overall after a month of regular sessions in an infrared sauna.

Detoxification. Removal of toxins through the skin helps prevent the buildup of toxic substances that can lead to serious illness.

Weight loss. For many users beneficial weight loss accompanied other health improvements.

Skin beautification. Users reported lessening of eczema.

Mood improvement. Users reported their spirits lifted, they felt energized, and they slept better after using an infrared sauna. People with hectic lives found daily sessions in their infrared saunas provided relief and relaxation --"a haven from the outside world," as one working mother put it.


Most infrared saunas are portable and easy to assemble. Many are small enough to easily fit inside any room of the house. Some larger saunas require special wiring, but many can be plugged into standard 120V household outlets. New owners have reported that they were able to assemble their saunas in less than an hour.

High quality infrared saunas have some outstanding features that are standard with some models or brands and optional with others. Lighting features include both interior and exterior lighting. Some models have chromotherapy (color therapy) lights that help restore balance to the body. Each color has a different property. For instance, yellow helps strengthen the nerves and the mind while red brings warmth and energy to the organs.

AM/FM/CD systems turn a home sauna into an amazingly relaxing and soothing experience. Glass doors and windows on some models allow two-way viewing.

For less than the cost of a one-year gym membership, you can enjoy a health-giving far infrared sauna for years to come. While it is certainly luxurious, it's not a luxury-it's an investment in your health and wellbeing.

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