Family Photos, Bringing Back Memories

By: Marie Christianson

Unfortunately, many people do not take great care of their family photos. In fact, many end up shoved in drawers or in boxes in closets, only to be rarely pulled out and looked at. This is understandable, considering family photos can become cumbersome as they fill up space. And, they can be difficult to sort through as they accumulate in an area and remain in no special order. Realistically, most people simply don’t have the time or the energy to keep their photos put together nicely in a photo album or memory book. As a result, precious memories slip away as photos grow dusty.

On the plus side, technology has advanced in so many ways that it is now much easier to preserve family photos and, as a result, keep those memories intact. To fully take advantage of these advancements, all you need to do is create a family website. This can be easily done by visiting one of the many sites on the Internet that specialize in family websites. After you create your family website, you can upload all of family pictures you like.

Remember that great zoo you visited when the kids were young? Preserve that memory by placing it on your family website. How about that great family vacation to the Smoky Mountains? All of your best family travel photos can easily be stored on you family website and accessed with the click of your mouse to be viewed again, keeping your memories alive. How about when your first child was born? Put your child’s baby photo on your family website and look at it time again to remember just how small your child was when he or she was first born.

All of these memories are too precious to be lost. And the photos that drum up these memories are too important to be stored away somewhere in a dark closet or drawer. Bring them out where you can see them anytime you please – and share them with your family members at the same time!

Building Family Memories

Even family members that may not have been with you at the time a particular photo was taken can share in your memories when you create a family website. All you need to do is place your photos on the family website and write a narrative description of what is happening in the photo and why it is special to you.

Sharing your memories in this way is much easier and efficient than writing on the back of the photograph or sending a letter with the photograph included. Writing on the back of the photo can cause it to smear. Worse yet, it can bleed onto pictures that you place beneath it, which can ruin the photo for good. Sending photos to family members can be time consuming and expensive. After all, you need to create a new copy for each family member, write a letter explaining the photo for each family member, address an envelope for each family member, then place a stamp on each envelope before mailing it.

A family website lets you bypass all of the hassles involved with sharing your memories with other members of your family. In fact, all you need to do is upload just one photo and explain its significance just once, and all of your family members who are interested in sharing in your memory can access it whenever they want. You can even place a family video on the website to further enhance the sharing of memories.

No longer do family members have to miss out on graduations, weddings, or the birth of a new member of the family. Now, you can easily share all of these special moments, and even the memorable every day events, with your entire family. This way, your family can share in your special memories and you can visit the photos and recall those special times over and over again.

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