Fake Security Cameras Can Protect Your Home

By: Robert Thomson

Rising Crime Rates Demand Increased Security Measures
Today's rising crime rates demand that we pay an additional attention to security around our home. But no one wants to spend all of their hard earned money on a security system. The answer to this dilemma is to make criminals think that you have a sophisticated security system.

When they see that you have a surveillance system that will identify them they will move on to easier targets. This can be accomplished very easily and for a price that anyone can afford. Discover how you can take advantage of these clever devices.

Plan Carefully
Let me say right to start with, that if you are protecting something that is very valuable or something that cannot be replaced, using only fake security cameras may not be the right choice for you. A sophisticated criminal who is determined to rob your home because he knows there is something of value to be gained will not be put off for very long by dummy security cameras.

But even in this situation simulated security cameras can save you money by presenting the image of an extensive security system and real cameras can be used at critical points to provide real protection.

Two Ways To Use Simulated Security Cameras
There are really two situations in which fake security cameras can be a valuable asset and add to your home's security. These low cost tools can be used as an addition to your existing surveillance system or they can be used alone to give the appearance a high tech security system.

If you do not have a surveillance system, one or two well placed cameras around your home can make it appear as though you have a security system. The opportunistic criminal who is just cruising through the neighborhood looking for easy marks will see your cameras and move on looking for easier targets.

If you do have one or more surveillance cameras around your home, adding fake security cameras can be a very effective way of making your home appear impenetrable. You can save money by having fake cameras around the perimeter and still be protected by your real cameras at key locations, such as doors, gates, and driveways.

Create A Realistic Appearance
To be effective an imitation security camera must appear real. It must give criminals the impression that they are being closely watched. There are some things that you can do that will add to this realistic appearance.

Purchase Quality
To present a realistic appearance your fake security camera cannot look like a toy. It should have a quality finish on a metal or hard plastic case. The lens is like the eye of your camera, it should be glass or other material that appears authentic when you look at it.

If your camera will be placed outside it needs to be constructed from materials that will withstand harsh weather. Peeling paint, cracked plastic, or color that has faded in the sun will not present the appearance of a high tech security system.

Fake security cameras are available for a very very low price, but the cheaper models that are available may not appear real under close inspection. These may still be useful if you plan to use them in locations where they are not closely scrutinized, such as elevated on a power pole or roof edge.

Authentic Lights And Motion
Simulated security cameras are available with motion and small LED lights that periodically turn off and on. Some models will appear to be activated in response to motion. This can contribute greatly to a realistic appearance when they appear authentic.

Unfortunately, most of these cameras just start moving when motion is detected. If the motion is not appropriate, or if the camera points away from the activity, it will detract from the realism rather than add to it. A camera that swings to an appropriate position, aimed at the most likely spot a person would be standing, looks the most authentic.

Be careful with cameras activated by motion detectors when placing them in high traffic locations such as merchandise counters or cash registers. Large amounts of random activity can cause these cameras to swing wildly. In high traffic areas stationary cameras pointed at specific areas may be more useful and appear more authentic, such as a camera behind a cash register or merchandise counter.

Even Dummy Security Cameras Require Maintenance
If fake security cameras are to appear real they must be maintained like real home security cameras. They need to be periodically dusted and polished with furniture wax to maintain that brand new appearance, paying special attention to the lens. A dusty camera that is covered with cobwebs will not fool anyone. If your camera uses batteries be sure to change them regularly. If your equipment only works intermittently it will not appear genuine.

Fake Security Cameras Protect Your Home And Family
With proper planning and correct placement dummy security cameras are very effective at deterring crime. An effective camera will make criminals feel like they are being watched and they will quickly move on looking for less secure targets.

Fake security cameras are the best and cheapest way to expand your existing surveillance system, or present the appearance of a sophisticated surveillance system, while staying on a budget. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance while giving you the largest value for your security system dollar.

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