Fair Trade Organic Black Tea

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A freshly brewed cup of black tea is what incites the taste bud of many tea lovers. It has a rich color, higher concentration of caffeine and distinct flavor as compared to other tea types.

Black tea is heavily oxidized to get a stronger flavor than any other tea varieties. The black tea comes from the same plant (Camellia sinensis), which produces both white and green tea. The name is basically given to the black color of the tea leaves, but when you brew the tea, it has a dark amber color. The black color of the leaves is largely due to the oxidation process. However, the great thing about black tea is that it can preserve its flavor for a long time.

When it comes to tea, people choose for its medicinal properties and then the taste and aroma. Black tea has many health beneficial properties. It has rich source of antioxidants that can control cancer, decrease heart disease and lower the cholesterol level. Polyphenols prevent cell damage and helps reproduce accurate DNA cells preventing any abnormalities while forming. Since it has a low concentration of caffeine than coffee, black tea makes a healthy choice.

If you are such a big fan of black tea, the fair trade organic tea black tea is what you must look for. Organic black tea is a favorite among many tea aficionados as it is produced without any chemicals added to the plants or soil. On the other hand, fair trade tea guarantees fair wages to be paid to the producers or tea workers. Moreover, Fair Trade Certified assures rigorous audit, check and review of the tea. You will be getting a healthy drink as well as helping the people where the products are produced. So when you buy bulk tea, see if the labeling has fair trade organic tea.

There are varieties of tea that are sold in bulk, including the fair trade organic tea black tea like English breakfast and Darjeeling. Buying fair trade organic tea black tea assures highest standards of both social responsibility and quality. Fair trade organic tea gives a personal satisfaction of knowing that the black tea you are buying has been produced without any chemical used and fairly traded. You can help the tea farmers to grow your favorite tea in the purest way. Nowadays, many tea varieties are fairly traded but it would be best if you still see the label before buying.

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