Facts about De Facto Relationships

By: Toby King

Law makers from across the world have seen the need to create laws that cover different kinds of relationships. Every person should enjoy equal rights whether that individual is in a married, non-married, de facto, or same gender relationship.

Among these relationships, de facto is often the least understood. In fact, many people are not aware that they are in one and so they are left uninformed about what their rights are. By simple definition, a relationship is considered de facto if a couple has lived together for at least two years and they remain to be unmarried. Same gender partners are also included here. This rule is usually followed for the purpose of family law and property settlement.

In the past, de facto couples typically go through a difficult experience whenever they have to settle their properties. This has already been resolved as new laws have been introduced for the benefit of everyone. Today, the same laws and court systems are now available to be accessed by such couples.

This means that should an individual die, his or her partner will be able to a percentage of the assets and properties. The person will also be entitled to other benefits such as financial assistance, Social Security, or even compensation as covered by the workers compensation.

A couple can decide to enter into a binding agreement while they are in a relationship. This type of agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement. This is highly recommended if a couple is interested to protect themselves and their respective properties during the relationship. The term also includes details about what will happen in the moment that the couple decides to stop living together and go separate ways. Generally speaking, couples should register their de facto relationships with corresponding local government offices. Doing so makes it possible to obtain a certificate which could later serve many useful purposes.

Things can get a little complicated if the couple already has children. If this is the case, the issue will be covered under the federal law. This could mean that the person who will take care of the child will be able to demand financial support from his or her partner. Working closely with professional lawyers is the way to make this work.

Aside from the children, other important factors that could affect the whole idea include the length of the relationship, as well as financial and property matters. The government may also consider whether the couple has been or will be living under the same roof.

To know more about de facto relationships and the applicable laws in your country, one can always check and make inquiries with local law offices. You can ask them about the details and see if you and your partner are really covered by the law.

Otherwise, you may also use the internet and visit different resources where relevant information can be found. This can be an excellent source if you want to get hold of updated facts and figures that deal with de facto relationships. Just log on to the official websites of established law firms and you will find plenty of information there.

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