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By: Ronald J. Mills

People who plant to purchase new cars are faced with the apprehension that auto insurance Washington is expensive and difficult to manage. This should not be the case since acquiring coverage is comparatively inexpensive and beneficial to the vehicle than having no insurance at all. It will be a bigger problem if an unexpected accident occurs and you do not even have any plan to cover hospitalization, damages and other related expenses.

Auto Insurance A Legal Requirement
Aside from this factor, all vehicle owners are required by federal and state laws to have insurance for each car they own. Police will readily issue traffic citation tickets to motorists who fail to present any license and proof of insurance. This is not only embarrassing but obvious waste of time since you must resolve this violation issue to avoid penalties. It is a protection against financial liability in case of any mishap. It may or not may be your fault but the damages may prove devastating especially if there are injuries or serious damage to property. You may not even be aware of it but the damages you incur may be more than what you can afford. Under these circumstances, a comprehensive insurance policy may save you from all the trouble. This can also protect you from a possible court case.

Guarantee for Personal Protection
Car insurance Washington is also meant to protect a vehicle owner injured in an accident which is the fault of the other driver. If it happens that the other party does not have insurance, no one will cover your expenses for hospitalization and medical treatment. A plan for property protection and personal injury will answer for your financial needs in case the other party cannot do this. Policyholders of car insurance do not have to worry about acquiring a new vehicle and not remembering to inform their insurance agents immediately. Auto insurance provides at least one month of coverage for newly-purchased automobiles.

In fact, there are other advantages such as partial reimbursement for transportation if you are unable to arrive at your destination as a result of collision. Repayment of minor damages like repairs of windshields is also included in most car insurance policies. Coverage is also provided for other drivers of an insured vehicle. The other provisions include the following:
Deductible for accident coverage is relinquished when the collision involves two vehicles insured by the same agency. This also applies to payment for a broken windshield which is not replaced but merely repaired.
Payment for a specific amount for income lost to attend court hearings involving a car smash-up.
Payment for travel expenses for a particular amount when a vehicle is damaged or stolen. There may be a waiting period before this benefit can be given out.
Coverage for personal belongings (clothes and baggage) damaged in a collision up to a certain amount.
Bail bond premium for traffic-related infractions.
Policyholders are directed to review their insurance policies carefully. It is also possible to acquire information from company representatives for costs and coverage terms.

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