Facts About Male HPV Infection

By: Krazy Chris

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection today. It has more than 40 different kinds, and sexually active individuals have quite a high chance of acquiring at least one of these strains over the course of their lifetime. Both men and women can have HPV infection, but among men there are a specific nature and prevention options.

Most men afflicted with HPV infection with not show any symptoms. A few HPV strains, however, can lead to genital warts and even cancer. If you want to know some of the common symptoms, there are genital warts, which can range from small, flesh-colored bumps to large clusters that resemble cauliflower. There are also abnormal changes in body cells, which results in penile or anal cancer. The accompanying signs are anal bleeding, pain, discharge, and changes in bowel movement.

HPV is transmitted via sexual intercourse. While condoms provide protection, they are not a guarantee that spread of infection will not occur from one partner to another. Furthermore, your risk of contracting this infection increased with more sexual partners you have. Thus, in this case, fidelity really does count a lot.

As of present, there is no available test to determine if a man has HPV infection. However, you can take it upon yourself to regularly check for any abnormalities in your genital area (including your scrotum) and anus. If there is any unusual matter or abnormality, consult your doctor right away for proper diagnosis. As for treatment, the virus has no cure yet, but often goes away on its own in a few years, particularly among those with healthy immune response.

For genital warts, you have the option to treat them through medication or removal. Note, though, that they can come back even with treatment, so there are men who simply let them disappear on their own. On the other hand, penile and anal cancer can be treated using a combination of cancer therapies, including radiation and surgery Sinrex.

While you can still contract HPV even with one sexual partner, it is best to remain faithful to one sexual buddy to protect yourself. This is by far the best prevention advice you can get. Male penile hygiene and wellness count a lot, so clean up regularly, eat right, exercise, and make smart lifestyle choices. If you are using male enhancement techniques, remember that safety far outweighs any potential benefit, so check for safety value and high quality whenever applicable.
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