Facing Contract Signing Fears Without Your Security Blanket

By: Sarah Carlye

You would look pretty silly walking in to a contract signing with your new contractor holding you security blanket in one hand and your teddy bear in the other. Put aside your childhood ways of feeling secure and walk in standing tall and feeling confident when you meet with your contractor to sign a contract.

Confidence begins before you even have a contract written up. It begins when the estimate is written. Make sure you have read over the estimate thoroughly before moving on to the contract stage of hiring a contractor. There is no substitute for professional legal advice. Even a small job that you hire a contractor for can turn into a big expensive job if things go wrong. This article is no substitute for legal advice; it is just some guidelines to help you feel more comfortable and confident with signing a contract. Even when a lawyer looks over a contract and gives approval, it is you that signs on the bottom line.

The following are commonly included in most contracts:

• Contractor information-be certain it is accurate, especially the contact information. An emergency number should be included and a physical address.
• Business/homeowner information-this should include the name, title, and number of anyone who will be able to act on behalf of the owner/s making final decisions, authorize changes, inspect work, etc.
• Current date-official date of contract execution
• -this will look a lot like the written estimate with more details and it will be legally binding.
• Payment schedule-details of how and when money is exchanged for work and material. Include any inspections that will be done (and passed) before a payment is made. The method of acceptable payment should NEVER be cash. It is common to have material and some work paid along the way with a final payment at satisfactory completion of the job.
• Release of lien clause-if you pay the contractor and the sub-contractors don’t get paid, make sure the contractor is held responsible and not you. Require copies of all lien releases the contractor receives from the subcontractors.
• Warranties-the work may look perfect at the time of inspection, but not after use. Be sure specifics are detailed and that you require the original warrantees for all appliances, equipment, or anything else that the contractor buys and installs.
• Dispute Resolution-even with a professional and skilled contractor things may go wrong, describe how problems will be resolved.
• Scope of work, liabilities, and responsibilities-details of the job to be done and who is responsible for specific duties like clean up, damage repair, purchasing, etc.
• Work order changes-amount of notice needed for changes, how additional jobs will be added (and paid), the change process, and who can authorize/accept changes.

Always get a copy of the contract a few days before signing to be able to take the time to read it and discuss any changes needed or areas that are unclear.

Knowing a little more about signing a contract with a contractor will allow you to walk into the contract signing with only a pen in one hand and self-confidence grasped tightly in the other hand. Your blanket and teddy bear will be able to sit out the contract signing in the comfort of you bed.

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