FTPGetter 3 Professional - Automate FTP Transfers

By: Vladimir Davidenko

As anyone who has ever worked with files over an FTP server knows, the basic FTP client is not much good when it comes to heavy and consistent work. While such a program might be sufficient if all you need to do is upload or download the occasional file, it quickly becomes a completely incompetent solution when you need to handle large numbers of files. Consider the full process which you need to go through just to update a single file, for example. First, you will need to log into the server and browse manually through the folders and upload or download each individual file. Most traditional FTP clients aren't exactly very responsive either, making them most unsuitable for heavy amounts of work. However, there is now a way to automate FTP transfers and save a great deal of time in the process. FTPGetter 3 Professional ( http://www.ftpgetter.com ) provides the ultimate solution for working with large amounts of data stored on either FTP or SFTP servers. It automates the process to ensure that all files on both the local computer and the remote server are kept current and synchronized. Minimal user interaction is required.

FTPGetter 3 Professional is a total replacement for your basic FTP client. It provides all of the same functionality as such a program, plus a whole lot more to make working with FTP servers a breeze like never before. Instead of having to manually transfer files between a local computer and remote server, you can use this solution to automatically synchronize them. While such features are not found in a standard FTP client, everything that this program has to offer is clearly explained thanks to user-friendly controls which will be immediately familiar to anyone who has ever worked with a standard FTP client. The learning curve is minimal, and you will find the controls to be familiar as soon as you start up the program for the first time. Scheduling tasks and automating FTP processes simply couldn't be easier.

As any business person knows, time saved is money earned, and spending time using software which is not suitable for having an optimal workflow effectively ends up costing you money. Using FTPGetter 3 Professional, you can knock hours and hours off your daily routine if you work extensively with FTP or SFT servers. Setting up scheduled tasks is a quick and simple process, and once you have done that, the user interaction required with the program is minimal. For example, you can set up a scheduled task by which the program searches through a specific folder on either the local computer or the remote server once per day at a specified time to search for new file creations. It can then ensure that both files, one the remote server and the local computer, are synchronized and kept current at all times.

To make things easier, FTPGetter 3 Professional also supports file masks, allowing you to work with files of specific formats (as denoted by their file extension) and ignore files of other types.

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FTPGetter 3 Professional helps manage data transfer workflow and automate FTP and SFTP transfer tasks by taking control of uploading and downloading files and folders.

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