FOREX - the Psychology of Currency Trading

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As every successful Forex trader knows, it is not enough just to have the technical knowhow of the actual mechanics of trading the Forex (foreign currency exchange) market, but to recognise that to be a winner relies also on the !i>psychology of trading – Forex requires mental discipline.

While the aim is to capture as many Pips (Price Interest Points) as possible, in order to make your profit, your head needs to rule your heart in Forex trading. Don’t get carried away by the thrill and excitement of the moment! Have a plan or strategy in place before you start trading, and predetermine your exit point.

Within the Forex trading experience, you will have losing trades (every Forex trader does). But the art is in knowing when to let go of these, and not hang on in the hope that they will turn around and start making money. Don’t keep lowering your stop-loss order in anticipation of an upturn in the market that may not come for some while, and don’t persist just to try and prove yourself right! Smart traders know there will always be another trade along soon. Equally, know also when to exit from profitable trades.

A golden rule is always to place a stop-loss order, along with every entry order, to prevent any loss from sinking too far. Anyone who doesn’t place a stop-loss order is going to lose probably a lot of money. An acknowledged maxim is to cut your losers, but let your winners ride.

Apply discipline and emotional control when trading, and follow the rules. Try not to be too greedy. While it is great to be passionate about what you do, patience can be a virtue when Forex is concerned. Don’t let your emotions hold sway, and resist the urge to gamble! Have the courage to stick with your plan and stay with the rules. Believe in yourself for that winning system.

Most of all, gain an understanding of the charts, for they represent so much and are relatively easy to interpret and use. Forex trading develops strong trends, and although a more volatile market, predictability is one of the advantages of this market over others such as futures and stocks. Technical analysis is the most precise way of trading Forex, with charts showing the historical data, which over time has patterns repeating themselves, and can be used reliably for predicting future trends.

The key, of course, is recognising these price patterns to know when to place orders in present-day trading. Research has shown that those who trade ‘with the trend’ improve their chances of success. Don’t cloud your mind with non-essentials such as wondering about the reasons for price movements. In other words, if the market trends show your judgement to be correct, stay with the market for the maximum gain, according to your own risk-to-profit boundaries. If the market starts to go against you, take your profits and get out.

It is wise to open a demo account and to practise trading ‘on paper’ first before risking your money. If you’re unsuccessful in this, it is unlikely that you will suddenly become an expert trader in a ‘live’ account, when using your own finances adds to the pressure to succeed. Never risk more money than you can afford to lose.

Having said all of the above, however, Forex trading, when good strategies are in place, is an amazing and rewarding way to make money! So why not decide to have a go today. Good luck!

Penelope Housden

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