FIFA Dilemma has many details

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FIFA Dilemma has many details

We have often had Joseph Blatter ran as World Cup crisis manager. His project 2010 brought South Africa , the FIFA President with a lot of good use on the stage. Brazil 2014 , the Swiss must also prepare after the riots at the Confed Cup .

But nothing is likely to be as complicated as the solution of the conflict in Qatar . The extremely controversial 2022 tournament in the Gulf has the FIFA executive committee on Thursday and Friday. According to agenda it comes to solving the issue of dates , ie summer or winter World Cup . The problems are complex and lead to the question of how long Blatter will still be in office .


When Joseph Blatter on 2 December 2010 took the paper with the inscription Qatar from the envelope , not only of the FIFA boss was surprised . 14 of 22 voting FIFA executive members had voted for the Gulf state , although this had previously received the worst reviews . Quickly has been speculation about corruption and fraud , the name of Qatar is in world football but for seemingly limitless sources of money .

Nine of the 22 ExCo members from back then are no longer in office , just left the body such as Franz Beckenbauer, voluntarily and without corruption allegations. The proof is a Qatari bribery but to date not provided. The investigations by FIFA chief investigator Michael Garcia continue. His report was announced in September.

In February , the German ExCo member Theo Zwanziger had complained : "It is true that FIFA chief investigator Michael Garcia has slowly come round to . He has to deliver slow , because there are accusations against people in the room and the public wants answers. "


Franz Beckenbauer was the first to publicly warned . Michel Platini moved to a little later . Joseph Blatter took nearly three years to ease in the winter option. The problems were known long . " Very hot , sunny and dry summers ," " precautions must be taken ," as it was in the report of the Qatar World Cup evaluators before the vote in December 2010.

These warnings were ignored by the majority of the FIFA Exkos , and the problem must be solved three years later. The summer version is handy, even if the World Cup organizers want their stadium cooling technology for use politically correct nutrition and water use programs because of the high temperatures from the table later. All winter events , whether in January or November / December 2022, are extremely controversial.

The European football leagues have now formed. You will not just accept the need for the winter schedule change their game plans. Platini wants to play in January. Blatter in November / December to avoid a conflict with the IOC for the Olympic Winter Games 2022.

Biggest Winter World Cup opponents are the English, on their traditional day on Boxing Day ( December 26) would have to do without. "I would like to say to the English : we have respected your calendar for 150 years - can for a month in 150 years to change her something ," said Platini . So simple it is not. The match calendar would probably be fundamentally revolutionized - in Germany because of promotion and relegation rules possibly to the circle class. The German Football League will therefore start large-scale surveys of all concerned.


This report shocked the football world in the past week . 44 Nepali migrant workers to have died on building sites in Qatar, not by accident, but because of unacceptable conditions in the blistering heat, reported the British newspaper "The Guardian" . Of course, the question was quickly whether a country in which a human life seems to have little value , may be the appropriate host nation .

International trade unionists and human rights activists protested violently . FIFA was dismayed , wanted quick reactions before but want to contact the Qataris for the purpose of education . Only Theo Zwanziger expressed clearly . The deaths are a case for the FIFA Ethics Committee of the German ExCo member. The World Association bring the reports after many months of negative headlines about corruption in any case already a moral problem .


Crises can best be solved if all the protagonists to pull together . Of these , FIFA is far away. For all topics already the very probable power struggle between Blatter and Platini, FIFA President brewing around the throne. Incumbent Blatter has displaced his announcement about the necessary reform processes to want 2015 no longer compete . Apparently he wants to prevent his former companion Platini in office.

Shortly before the 2014 World Cup Blatter will not comment whether he may run again , Platini wants only then to define public. The status quo is already leading to some bizarre situations. Blatter suggested recently that there had been political interference in the Qatar - election and thus damaged the World Cup on - but especially Platini . Of the UEFA boss is known that he was charged shortly before the vote by the then French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace . At the table also sat Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar.

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