FIFA 14 will beat all records last harvested by title

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FIFA 14 will beat all records last harvested by title

From EA Sports are very confident with his new release, and predict extraordinary sales , well above even their predecessor . To achieve this, FIFA 14 will beat all records last harvested by title, become the best selling sports game in the history of the company. Should they be so confident ?

For the presentation of the title certainly left something cold to fans who expected something more, especially visually, since the first images appeared to warn that just will change in this regard , and disappointment became widespread .

Obviously , this does not prevent most of those were made with the current FIFA is made with the next season , and sales are still spectacular . But will attract new players offering a very similar product to the past?

From the company , as we said are very confident : Sevastian Enrique , one of the producers of the title , said the portal MCV that the new release has many ballots to exceed the achievements of the former which, remember , has by now around to 12.5 million copies sold throughout the world and in its various platforms , besides going one by one through the records of the franchise.

Stratospheric figures (though the previous two also surpassed the barrier of the twelve million), according to Enrique , easily achieved even exceed . His trick to get : news will bring . In the words of one : "We have a number of major improvements , so I'm confident we will do better in terms of sales and figures that FIFA 13" .

Is it possible ? Logically , potential among consumers has yet to demonstrate the improvements they claim to have . It is true that the campaign has just begun, but should show the earliest may have fallen into elconformismo that seems to have left about presentation .

Because, as we said , although the bulk of the players will remain faithful , maybe a conservative approach prevents new users to get to the franchise. Even rival , PES 2014 might have much to say, as they open the door to real and attractive showing improvements that draw attention by those disgruntled with that seen in the presentation and end up going over to the other side.

Do you think you will be able , or FIFA has already peaked ? Will a players Konami EA Sports or continue the current trend ? Many questions as we await news arriving soon around FIFA 14.

However, since the Japanese company promise soar. Masuda himself recognizes that consists Next Gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 will be a golden opportunity to once again become the king ( though the game will also be released for the current generation ) . The news that the game will include multiple , in order to provide it with a realism never seen in football games. The game will suffer a great improvement to the graphics as we saw in the first images of faces. To this we join the revolution that prepares regarding movements of the players , which will involve greater participation of the player , to which we must add the further development of tactical and strategic .

In its quest to dominate the psychological aspect of the game will introduce the public as a novelty factor , so that players can improve their attitude on the field if they are encouraged by their fans as well as if they have on your computer with true leaders in the field. Thus , they claim that the smaller teams receive a boost of their own as happens in real life , a detail that has not contemplated in any game genre.

To all this we must add that I have seen so far FIFA 14 has not finished convince gamblers. For example, the rendered images that have been shown have been disappointing, although it is expected that the EA game does not stagnate and improve important aspects of the game.

In any case, presents a more interesting game. Long time Pro Evolution Soccer thrashing stopped, even to win, to its highest competitor. In the new edition seems to be balanced forces, but to be seen both games in action and if so promising title from Konami as the company insist. Is it a win, a draw, much ado about nothing? In a few months we will have the answer.

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