FIFA 14 - Best penalty pitchers

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FIFA 14 - Best penalty pitchers

FIFA 14 : "Elite Technique and in -air gameplay " presents the next-gen version

EA Sports is once again before the next-gen version of FIFA 14th " Elite Technique" and " in -air gameplay " will be Examined Closely more , and THEREFORE will be discussed in part to the many new animations as well as the header control . FIFA 14 will be released on 22 and 29 November 2013 , the Xbox and PlayStation 4 One.

FIFA 14 Guide - tricks, cheats, TACTICS , Regates

It's here the new edition of FIFA. Once again this year we are at the wheel of the best football we living and you all their secrets. This year the newsletter is read Focus on the Possession of the ball using the body to protect itself , new chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team scouting opportunities in the career mode.

In this guide we will make sure you will not miss not one : I will reveal greater promises and bargains for career mode , I will reveal the secrets of the new FIFA Ultimate Team and of course, we will explain how to make new and Regates celebrations goals on fifa 14 coins.

FIFA 14 - Best penalty pitchers

Previously we told you what the best players in FIFA 50 by 14 are average overall . Now we will tell you who are the best players in the game to kick shootout.

FIFA 14: Custom Tactics , Passing , Opportunity Centers , Shooting , Positioning

The other day we had the opportunity to go to the offices of Spain to test EA Need for Speed: Rivals both PC and PS4 .

The start of the session was not as good as we thought, and largely my fault. Just before you start playing the PC version I can control fall so badly that while bouncing on the floor, turned on the game console and basically I loaded the game. But hey , Anecdotes aside and after a general reset, could run for about 30 minutes.

The game concept it strange and mostly very difficult to communicate . Rivals is a mix between online and offline hybrid of these experiences to see in this new start to generation. We started playing offline , and can always go on , if we want, but although it is not the ideal system - Alldrive EA is introduced to other players in the game . If they 're cops , plus a history and go Following Missions , we will find " runners " and start there throughout the persecutions map. We'll see how others join the police hunting and the goal here is to use our weapons well and trap the opponent before it is lost on the horizon. If drivers are - also with its own story to avoid - we arrest to conserve our money and our score multiplier ; Cop to us if we empty the account. It important to know when to go to a bank to leave it to relocate livestock and always secure .

Being an open world always have other events that appear every few : testing speed racing missions with small goals that ... ye roughly played Most Wanted and you can get an idea.

We have set in traditional multiplayer games, where it is fun to play for a while but then if you do not have a motivation or a goal, you do not want to continue for much longer ; but if you go you 'll still unlocking things a bit, because you feel you have to try new things and explore. On the side of the police , you may want to have the latest version of BMW, for example, and you can unlock once you finish the main story ; in the corridors , as we know that theirs is more hesitation and highlight , for the most bangin versions of the body have to go back and complete lists of events that left you . So if you end the second part of the Dodge Challenger unlock corridors ; I think it's that , not sure ( laughs ) . But to get the coolest version , you have to go back and complete missions in your [ way ] to finish the entire race . I think people will like that so much content available after you finish the story ; that means you still have a sense Alldrive even after finishing the game.

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