Eyelet Curtains - The way Curtains were Always Meant to be

By: Burgeson Conatser

When you see eyelet curtains what do you notice? Is it the way the pleats hang down perfectly straight, giving them a neat, precise finish? Is it the way they seem to smarten up any interior and look sleek and unfussy? They way that they suit any material and any type of room, because they come in such a large variety of colours and patterns? No doubt you've noticed all these things about eyelet curtains, which means if you haven't got any you must be wishing you had.
Did you know that eyelet curtains are one of the most popular styles of curtains in the UK, for all the above reasons and more? Eyelet curtains are a smart piece of design, both attractive and practical. They always have an even number of eyelets. The reason they always hang perfectly is because the eyelets are evenly spaced. The metal rings prevent the fabric from tearing, making eyelet curtains practical and long-lasting as well as pleasing to look at. They really are a superior style of curtain.
Eyelet curtains are modern and trendy and make homeowners look like they're a cut above in the style stakes. They are easy to draw by hand because of the eyelet design, which glides smoothly and doesn't get stuck. They are the way curtains were always meant to be - practical for protecting your privacy while also being stylish and really bringing life to an interior. They look great in a range of fabrics - they look good in sheer fabrics for the summer and in winter you can swap to a heavier fabric to keep in warmth while maintaining that wonderful eyelet style.
They have a contemporary streamlined look and do not require tiebacks as they already hang perfectly. They are easy to remove and refit for the purposes of decorating or cleaning. They are really easy to install because of the eyelet design - fiddly hooks are a thing of the past! The ring design is tough and supports a variety of different weights, which means you can opt for heavy duty thermal curtains as well as lighter styles.
The curtain poles themselves can also be an attractive feature and can come in a range of finishes, from sleek chrome, to a wood effect, to a black iron gothic style for something more dramatic.
Eyelet curtains are simply so much more efficient, modern and stylish than their track curtain counterparts. It's really no wonder that they're so popular. Who needs the fuss of a track curtain when you can enjoy the simplicity of eyelet curtains?
Many people have leapt onto the eyelet curtain bandwagon because of their many benefits. Because they are are so popular in the UK there is a huge range of styles available in a range of fabrics and designs, which means you're bound to find a pair that take your fancy. So what are you waiting for? If you haven't got a pair of eyelet curtains yet, you're living in the past! Get out there and join the curtain revolution - get your eyelet curtains now!

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Eyelet curtains are a stylish interior design solution, available in a range of colours and styles - including thermal curtains. They're versatile too, and can be easily removed and rehung.

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