Extremely Beneficial Food for Diabetics to Indulge In

By: Brown Kidman

Diabetes, a chronic disease that is caused due to a lack of insulin in our body, has become a modern day epidemic. The major reasons for such condition include a stagnant lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Frequent consumption of the fatty foods combined with the reduced rate of physical activities has certainly increased the risk of diabetes among people.

If you do not take proper precaution as well as not control your diet on time, there are high chances where you might experience more life threatening problems in life. If you are thinking that such patients cannot indulge on their favourite food anymore, do not worry as this article will help you take a glance at some of the super foods that will not only take care of your taste buds but will also provide lot more of nutrients required to control the disease.


Beans are the most powerful and effective ingredients. They are considered as the best source for dietary fiber, which not only makes you feel full for a longer period of time but also slows digestion and keeps blood sugar from spiking after your meal.

Part-skim string cheese

Part-skim string cheese, yummy! Isn't it? Well, this is perfect for on the go snacking. The one part skim cheese is completely packed with protein and calcium, moreover, it is also low on fats and carbohydrates. This will not have any impact on your blood sugar levels and thus you can munch on this snack anytime without compromising on the taste.


Salmon is effectively one of the best non-dairy sources of vitamin D. Nutritionists have recommended salmon for diabetic patients because it is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids (3 ounces provides as much as 1,800 mg), and healthy fats that reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce inflammation, whittle your waistline and also enhances the insulin resistance. So next time when you think about a non-vegetarian meal, include salmon in your diet without feeling guilty.


Barley is considered as one of the healthiest grains because it is rich in a specific kind of soluble fiber called beta-glucan. It can lower down your LDL cholesterol and prevent your body to absorb the bad cholesterol. It also contains fiber which can keep your blood sugar level steady. And what more, if you are thinking about reducing the weight, well, consumption of barley regularly will also help you do that.


Since nuts are loaded with good fats, it will help you to fight against heart diseases. Moreover, these fats also play a vital role in reducing the insulin resistance and make blood sugar easier to control. They are also the best source of vitamin E, which helps prevent any nerve cells and eyes related disease. They are rich in fiber and magnesium which regulates your blood sugar. Some studies have also proved that moderate eating of nuts can control your weight as well. So, do not forget to munch on these nuts every day.

Hardboiled egg whites

Egg whites are purely rich in proteins and have a minimal impact on your blood sugar levels. They also give you the boost that needs to be kept going in between the meals. Moreover, it is easy to prepare and works well as a great grab-and-go option!

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