Expose The Most Intimate of 12 Weight-loss Diet Lies

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Adhere to a healthy diet to lose weight is to remain constant the rules, lies in a real diet, you have been farther away from the health, today we come to a Quweicunzhen work, expose normally hidden 12 diet lies.

1 whole wheat bread, brown bread is

Diet healthy person, often confused by the color of food: brown bread was seen as higher health and nutritional value of food.

As everyone knows, it is just a baker baking bread, add food coloring to make brown bread more attractive to buy colors. Note that this does not mean whole wheat bread, brown bread, whole wheat bread, buy the best see the logo.

Whole grains are rich in the human body needs vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc., who after a night of nutrient consumption, the body of the missing vitamins and minerals to replenish the breakfast to get, is a very healthy the diet.

2 slice of bread butter health benefits than French fries

People know that French fries heat, opting instead for a healthy look more beneficial bread. But to make bread taste better when eating a lot of people will be cast in butter.

In fact, butter toast and French fries compared to the small difference between the fat content, they contain starch, protein and minerals are also almost identical, so the bread and butter is not more health benefits than French fries.

3, the "green" fruit without washing

Even the "green" fruit carefully before eating should be cleaned with water. Because the fruit peel (such as strawberries, apples) parasite eggs are invisible. If not washed eat, are susceptible to diseases.

4 sweeteners contribute to weight loss

Many people know that sugar is easy to gain weight, so that use sweeteners instead of sugar can help us lose weight. But studies have shown that some sweeteners (especially saccharin) will accelerate the secretion of insulin, the result can only make you more dependent on the sugar.

Saccharin sodium saccharin on the market is actually sodium saccharin, o-sulfonyl benzoic imide scientific name. It has been the application of a century of history, is the most traditional and cheap sweetener.

5 is extremely beneficial to human health salad

Probably because the salad calories low, so it is favored by many people. Salad contains up to 80% water, the human body from the salad in the intake of nutrients is very low.

Not only that, most women do not Yichi too much salad. Because women's body are usually cool, eat too much salad likely to cause poor metabolism, poor circulation, menstrual flow, and skin is not shiny, and even wrinkles.

Japanese study found that daily doses of 3-6g of the FOS, 3 weeks my wife's the feces of toxic levels of carcinogenic compounds can be reduced by 40% or more.

6 pm to eat will ruin a good body

In fact, only when you eat too much at night only when fed fat. If you do not intake too many calories at night, would not have overweight problems. Note, however, eating too late, or have the habit of eating supper, does increase the burden on the stomach, can easily lead to sleep disorders and weight gain.

7 high-calorie margarine than butter

Heat butter and margarine are the same. In fact, some margarine products, not only better than ordinary butter, low heat, and its higher content of unsaturated fatty acids, more likely to lead to elevated cholesterol levels.

8 eggs, red eggs, high nutritional value than white

Egg shell color only with hen breeds. Egg nutritional value depends entirely on the hen's health status and quality of feed fed each day, not by the decision of the egg shell color.

Eggs are a nutrient-rich food, an egg weighs about 50 grams of protein 7 grams fat, 6 g, 82 kcal heat produced. The proportion of egg protein amino acid is suitable for human physiological needs, is easy for the body to absorb more than 98% utilization, high nutritional value.

9 tropical fruit enzymes help thin

In fact, tropical fruits contain enzymes, with functions to support protein digestion, better food can be absorbed, but the body fat they will not be burned. Therefore, the weight can not be achieved by eating tropical fruits.

10 honey low in calories and help weight loss

In fact, only slightly lower than the heat honey, sugar only. And no effect on weight loss. However, potassium, zinc and copper concentrations in the nutritional value of honey than sugar high.

11 easy to get fat eating potatoes

Many people regard the potato as a fattening food, it is not. Potatoes contain starch, but they are more than 70% moisture content, real content, but 20% of starch, which can produce a sense of fullness also contains dietary fiber, so only use it to replace the staple food is not easy to gain weight, as well as the effect of weight loss . The reason why potatoes are seen as a fattening food, simply because the traditional cooking methods inappropriate, such as the potato made of French fries, potato chips. A medium-sized potatoes, French fries made of baked potato after the heat is 200 times. It is not fat potato itself, but it absorbs the grease. Potatoes, roast beef, did people know that potatoes are a strong suction force.

12 more health benefits of vegetables eaten raw

Indeed many more health benefits of vegetables eaten raw, because that can best preservation of nutrients, especially vitamins. But not suitable for all raw vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, beans, and so on.

People for their own health should eat cabbage. Nutritionists point out that cabbage is best eaten raw diet health effects. We can cabbage salad, salad or juice.

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