Explosive Adwords Ad Copywriting

By: Darren Yates

The most important thing to remember here is that this is the door by which visitors enter your site. You must entice them to open it. This is their first contact with you.

You haven't got much space so you have to make every word count.

Title max 25 characters,
2nd & 3rd line max 35,
display url 35,
destination url 1024

Try to avoid casual clicks, mention buy if appropriate. Stay clear of the number 1 spot this is inclined to attract casual clicks. Numbers 2,3,4,5 are the prime spots. Visitors clicking in this region have at least considered your ad before doing so.

Your ad should present the theme of your landing page. They should match as exactly as possible.

Use a call to action where possible -

Digital Camera
Save Now on a digital camera
Limited time offer

I cured my arthritis
Find out how
Buy my e-book Now

You can’t use click here.

Always keep in mind an old advertising rule - List benefits NOT features –

With so few words copywriting rules are very restricted for your ad but very important for your landing page.

This is where clarity, accuracy, targeting, and testing will pay off. You are not trying to persuade here, there isn’t space. Instead you are attempting to pre-qualify users with your ad by grabbing their interest and setting them up for what is to come next on your landing page.

You should also consider using a reassuring message that might cover their main objection – something like “free shipping”, new low price etc. or if you offer a product for sale when comparable products are free the mention of a price or the word ‘buy’ will filter out the people looking for a freebie and save you that click cost.

Focus your ad on your target prospect. Care for your customer he could buy from you again and again. Start by not patronizing him with your ad copy. Overly enthusiastic copy may be a turn off, but then again it depends on your target market. This approach may appeal to teenagers for example or time sensitive offers. A definite turn off on the other hand is overly familiar wording and hard sell.

What does work is an appeal to a persons self interest with the use of motivational words - The seven key copy drivers -- hot buttons -- which change human behavior, are: fear, greed, guilt, anger, exclusivity, salvation, flattery.

Appeal to people’s self-interest further by using phrases such as:- Saving money, making money, winning at something, getting a deal, saving time, exclusivity, alleviating a health problem, beating the competition etc.

When it comes to ad performance based on the copy, track, track and track some more. The best tactic here is to write two ads per campaign and measure the performance of the two over a few days. Tweaking wording etc based on keyword performance and ROI.

Constantly review your ad copy based on performance.

Respect your prospect. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you click on that ad you’ve just written?

Overall remember when putting your ad together to double check everything, especially your target URL & spelling.

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