Exploring the Real Causes of Stretch Marks

By: Sapphire Rylee

Its normal to wonder about the causes of stretch marks. If you have these streaks on your skin, you would want to know why you have them. You might expect a straightforward answer. The condition however may be more complicated than you think.
Main Cause
The major cause of the condition is easy to understand. Most skin information sources will tell you that it is directly caused by rapid body expansion. When you quickly increase in size and weight, the skin is stretched. The underlying tissues may not always be able to cope with this quick change and may begin to tear. The resulting tear will form into scar tissue. After some time the scars will turn into silvery streaks.
Rapid expansion of skin can happen in different ways. Some cases, their rapid expansion is unavoidable such as during puberty where growth spurts may lead to stretch marks. Another instance where stretch marks are likely to occur is during pregnancy where the skin is stretch to accommodate body weight changes. Such periods in a persons life may make avoiding skin marks difficult.
Contributory Factors
Rapid body expansion is not all there is to the story. Some experts say that the causes of stretch marks are influenced by a number of factors. You have a higher risk of developing the condition if you have poor skin quality or if you are genetically predisposed. Some sources say that differences in hormonal activity among individuals may also influence the appearance of the streaks.
These factors may just be the reason why different individuals have different degrees of severity of stretch marks. One pregnant woman can have horrible looking skin while another one does not have the slightest trace of a streak. People are just different which also makes them react differently to potential skin solutions.
What You Can Do
There is little you can do in terms of the genetic factor. However, you can always improve the quality of you skin. You can accomplish this best by developing healthy habits, good nutrition and regular exercise. An elastic, well-hydrated skin has lower chances of acquiring stretch marks.
A healthy lifestyle can also be supplemented with natural products that contain vitamins and minerals to promote optimum skin health. Because it uses natural ingredients, these natural products made especially for the skin are safe to use. With regular use, they can increase your chances of preventing stretch marks and heal existing ones.
An evaluation of the different causes of stretch marks should be able present you with different options to prevent or lessen the chances of stretch marks. The best first step to not having permanent skin marks or streaks is to decide to prioritize the health of your skin.

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