Exploring The Various Types Of Guitars

By: Axel Malone

Very few genres of music are complete without a guitar tuned up for play. Most music buffs will be pretty familiar with the fret-board, and will in turn know the kinds of guitars better than most. But you, as a beginner, might ponder over the complex terminology employed by most of the guitar shop owners around the world. Fear not, because help is at hand to help you pick the type of guitar that best suits your style.

- Acoustic Guitar: This is simply a type of guitar that uses nothing electronic to generate a sound. It uses pure acoustic techniques, where vibrational energy does the job. Amplification of the sound is achieved with the sound box. Additionally, acoustic guitars can be of two kinds classical and steel-strung. The only difference between these two is that the classical ones have nylon strings, as opposed to the modern steel strings. Steel strings provide a louder sound along with better clarity. Acoustic guitars are a perfect buy for a novice in the trade.

- Electric Guitar: This guitar basically uses a pickup to convert the vibration of its strings into electrical impulses. It is a prime instrument for most genres of music, majorly rock, pop, jazz, and blues. It needs to be plugged in to an amplifier in order to be heard well; and that is not the only difference between the acoustic and the electric. The strings of the electric guitar are much thinner than those of the acoustic one. This makes it easier for you to bend the strings. It goes without saying that the electrical support brings about a better sound quality too.

- Bass Guitar: It is generally a type of guitar whose strings can be pulled or picked with the fingers or thumb. Bass is something that produces a low note, and a bass guitar does just that. It produces a note lower than that produced by normal electric guitars. Bass guitars usually consist of four or five strings, but may also have six or eight. This guitar is used in most of the genres in music, notably rock, jazz, metal, country, and pop.

- Twelve-String Guitar: Guitars normally come with six strings. The twelve-string guitar is their simple variation. It consists of the regular six strings followed by six other thinner strings. The six strings form pairs, so you essentially play the guitar the same way you play a six-strung one. The twelve-string guitar produces a distinct sound, slightly brighter than the six-string one. Admittedly, they are more expensive than regular guitars. Reputed guitarists will most certainly have one in their collection.

- Steel Guitar: This is more of a way of playing the instrument than a type of guitar. However, since it originated in Hawaii where the inventors developed a guitar just to suit their way of playing music, it might as well be considered a full-fledged guitar. You need to play the guitar by placing it horizontally across your knees. The name has got nothing to do with fret-board. It is wooden, as it should be for producing a sound in the first place. The name simply comes from the solid metal bar with which it is played.

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