Exploring Negative Effects of Bio-Identicals: Hormone Rejuvenation, NOT Replacement!

By: Chris Robertson

Hormonal imbalances affect many women as early as their late twenties and even up to the late forties. Women who suffer from hormonal imbalances may experience unpleasant symptoms such as hot flashes, PMS, urinary tract infections, incontinence, depression, anxiety, allergy symptoms, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, low sex drive, water retention and weight gain among numerous other symptoms. The symptoms tend to increase as one ages, and are caused by abnormal estrogen and progesterone levels. Other factors that contribute to hormonal imbalance include poor nutrition, ongoing stress, and lack of physical activity. Ovulation (or the lack thereof) also affects the hormones.

Two Methods of Treating Hormonal Imbalances

There are two main methods of treating patients with hormonal imbalances. One is the traditional HRT (hormone replacement therapy). The other is the homeopathic approach, which helps the body naturally rejuvenate its own hormones.

HRT is a type of treatment in which synthetic or bio-identical hormones (created in a laboratory) are given to the body to help treat and/or prevent certain health conditions. Once inside the body, the synthetic hormones are to act like natural hormones and bring balance to the body's hormonal system. Unfortunately, studies have shown that the use of synthetic hormones can actually slow down the body's production of its own natural hormones. The hormones in the body that are negatively affected include progesterone, DHEA, melatonin, and human growth hormone.

For many women, the risks of long-term HRT far outweigh the benefits. It is well documented that long-term use can result in side effects such as liver disease, blood clots, cancer, gallstones, cataracts, high blood pressure and reduced immunity levels toward harmful parasites. There's also a problem with a lack of education among patients. Many women don't realize the potential negative side effects of bio-identicals, and also do not understand how their hormones work in the body.

Homeopathy specialists such as Dr. Theresa Dale encourage women to take a naturopathic approach to hormone problems. This includes proper diet and nutrition, exercise, good dental health, emotional release work, herbology and colonics. Don't allow all these to scare you! Dr. Dale and others in this field have simplified the process to help women overcome their hormone-related woes.

There are also safe products on the market such as EndoPure Hormone Rejuvenation to help balance the hormones without the use of bio-identicals or synthetic hormone replacement. These, accompanied by a saliva test, can pinpoint hormone problems and measure usable hormones. The homeopathic approach actually teaches your body to produce more or less of certain hormones based on its present need.

No Toxicity

As you consider what type of treatment to take for hormonal health issues, consider that homeopathy enables the body to improve its progesterone uptake as well as the metabolism without toxicity. Homeopathy approaches actually encourage body and/or organ cleansings to remove toxins as a part of the treatment. There are no side effects due to the fact that homeopathic treatments contain minimal medicinal substances. They are made from mineral and botanical substances, and may be applied topically or taken orally.

Consider these facts and do your own research on hormone or bio-identical treatments before opting for hormone replacement therapy. Ask your doctor about trying homeopathic methods first to avoid possible negative side effects of HRT. Also, be sure to follow through with all the steps of a homeopathic approach to enjoy maximum hormonal balance and health!

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