Explode the Number of Websites Linking to Your Website – Automatically and Continually

By: Tim Wright

Have you run out of sites to exchange links with? Are you tired of spending hours optimizing your website for the search engines? Or are you broke from buying text links or pay per click advertising, just trying to get a little traffic and generate a few sales?

If you are, I’ll show you a very easy way to generate an avalanche of backlinks to your site, while exploding your Page Rank, website traffic, and sales. The best part of it all is that this all comes automatically and the results are often permanent.

More than a little intriguing, isn’t it?

If you currently sell a product online or through the web, you have a golden opportunity to seize the moment and claim all of the benefits listed above.

“How?” you ask.

Simply by setting up your own affiliate program.

If you don’t already know about affiliate programs, essentially what happens is that you allow people to sign up with your company to sell your products by referring your products to other people. Then, when these people refer someone to your website who buys your product, you give the referrer a commission (how much is up to you).

Anyways, in order for these people to refer people to your site and get commissions, they need to link to your site.

So, for every affiliate that signs up to sell your product on their website, you’ve just gained another one way link to your site.

Your affiliate wins as they earn commissions selling your product – and it doesn’t cost them anything to become your affiliate, but you stand to benefit much more in this relationship.

In getting links to your website from your own affiliate program, you get:

-websites and people that promote your product and website for free. By signing up an affiliate, you have essentially signed up a full time salesperson who is paid strictly by commission.

-an increased amount of traffic to your website from people following your affiliate link

-a huge Page Rank boost from all of the sites linking to you. Don’t forget that all of these links to your website will be one way – you don’t have to link back to their website (which increases the value of the link in the search engine’s eyes).

-the visitors to your website will be highly qualified, as the site that they just came from was promoting your product or website, making the visitor much more likely to buy your product or service.

Imagine what would happen if you had a website with a high Page Rank like a PR 7 or PR 8 linking to your site and selling your product.

Your website traffic would go through the roof, you’d probably get more of your website’s pages listed in the major search engines, and your site’s PR would increase. On top of all of this, you’d probably see a sharp increase in your sales.

And remember, because you set up the affiliate program, you get all of these benefits without it costing you a single penny.

You don’t need to buy text links from a PR 7 site at $100/month anymore when you can simply sign them up as an affiliate and get all of the benefits of having them link to you for free.

Please keep this in mind: If you do start an affiliate program, in order to get all of the benefits that we have just looked at, you must make sure that your affiliates link directly to your website.

There are companies such as Clickbank, who will run your affiliate program for you, but all of your affiliates must link to Clickbank first, after which they are redirected onto your website. As far as the things that we have discussed, if you have your affiliates link to another website first before they come to your site, it will ruin everything.

If you are going to increase the number of one way links to your website along with your site’s PR with very little effort and no money, you should use a program that automates as much of the steps involved in affiliate marketing as possible.

It’s great when you can increase you website’s PR, traffic, and sales automatically; and starting your own affiliate program can help you do just that.

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