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By: Scott Edwards

Keeping a food diary is a very accurate way to establish your current eating habits. Begin by consuming your regular diet for seven days. Enter every single piece of food and every drink you have into the diary. After several days, you should be able to identify any weak areas and look at what time of day they occur.
Obviously, if there are several take-aways and other high fat foods, cutting those out would be a start. If your diary only shows nutritious food, then perhaps smaller portions would be the answer. Whichever one is closest to your situation, what's in the diary will reveal a lot.
Make notes about how you intend the following seven days to pan out. Put everything down relating to exercise, food and drink. Write down different food categories to list what's banned and what's restricted. In a different section, make a list of the different foods you are allowed to have.
If you enjoy alcohol, decide on a small quantity that you will allow yourself at the weekend, and write it down. Fizzy sugar-laden beverages must go! With regard to exercise, write down a reasonable routine that you will stick to.
Just before you get started, jump on the scales and weigh yourself. Assess your progress each week, and adjust where necessary. Don't be tempted to weigh yourself too often - once every week at the same time is sufficient.
With a plan like this, you're in complete control. Little illustrations of what's gone well and what hasn't will encourage and remind you once you're several weeks in. Also enter the exercise you're doing, to make sure this isn't getting left out. It's amazing how much easier it is to stick with something if it's all written down.
Do keep your expectations reasonable though. In the early weeks, it may be difficult to see much change - but the groundwork is all taking place. Patience and perseverance are everything. Motivating yourself over a long period has it's challenges - but if you concentrate on the prize instead of the price it becomes much easier.
If you lose your way for a short while, try to get back on track quickly. Could your diet do with a bit of modification? Try to catch up by taking more exercise. Are there any fitness classes you could attend in the evening?
Be proud of your achievements. Rewarding your efforts will keep you much more motivated. You may not want to splash out on clothes until all the weight has come off. But an evening at a show would be spot-on to toast a ten pound loss!

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