Experts ensure you have complete delight through Puerto Rico fishing

By: Adrian Rocker

Puerto Rico fishing is one of the most popular in the world and why not? Some of the most cherished game fish species in the world abound the waters hugging Puerto Rico. From the lovers of casual angling to extreme fishing, everyone has something to look forward to here. There are charters available for fishing in Puerto Rico and you should experience one of these if you are here on vacation and love fishing.

The most popular species of fish in Puerto Rico is the blue marlin. The blue marlin has to be one of the main reasons why people love Puerto Rico fishing. This large fish belongs to the ocean and is an exceptional cobalt blue in color and can be distinguished by its spear shaped and elongated upper jaw and pointed dorsal and pectoral fins. It can be typified by its immense strength and out of the world fighting capabilities, not to mention its jumping capabilities and speed.

The other fish that makes fishing in Puerto Rico such a delight is the cousin of the blue marling and goes by the name of white marlin. The color of this fish is white and its pectoral fin is rounded. The dorsal fin also has distinctive spots.

The third fish that makes people flock for Puerto Rico fishing is the yellowfin tuna. This is the most popular tuna species found in the waters of Puerto Rico. While it is an ocean fish, it occasionally flocks to the warmer water closer to the coast and this is where it can be caught. The yellowfin tuna has distinct yellow finlets and gold stripes on the sides of its body. It is an extremely strong fish and puts up an immense fight when hooked. People have been known to collapse on the boats after they managed to land one of these fish. This is what makes it so special.

Fishing in Puerto Rico is also popular because of the other popular game fish including wahoo, bonefish and dorado. These are also ocean fish and can be caught when you are fishing in the sea. Puerto Rico is also home to some fantastic manmade lakes where fishing is a great experience too. Here the fish put up less fight and this form of Puerto Rico fishing is, thus, more popular among casual anglers.

Culebra, an island located 17 miles off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, is considered to be a treasure trove for fishing in Puerto Rico. This island has some outstanding beaches and is considered ideal for fly fishing and bonefishing. This island also boasts excellent accommodation options and is thus highly populated during the fishing season.

Fishing in Puerto Rico is possible thanks to some dedicated fishing charter companies. These people can offer you the best deals for as many days as you want to fish here. They are experienced and they know where to take you for Puerto Rico fishing. You are safe in their hands and a prized game fish is never too far away thanks to their expertise.

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Puerto Rico fishing is extremely popular thanks to the immense options that are available here. Use expert help for fishing in Puerto Rico and you will not be disappointed.

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