Experts Say Income Statistics Miss Many High-income Residents

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National Economic Research Institute China Reform Foundation, Wang Xiaolu, deputy director, said 4 in Haikou, income statistics, there is a serious distortion, and other macro and micro data on a very big contradiction.

Lu Wang in China (Hainan) Reform and Development Institute and the Chinese Economic Reform and other organizations jointly organized the 6th session of the Forum for Social Policy and Chanel Belt71st International Forum on China's reform, said National Economic Research Institute China Reform Foundation recently made a study on the subject of gray income issues in the country to 64 cities in 19 provinces of nearly 5,000 households to do a special survey. Task Force through the model analysis, the income of urban residents to correct the statistical data and found that the average income of the lowest income residents and statistical data are basically the same, the average income of middle-income residents is slightly higher than the statistics department data, The average income of residents in the highest income sector data with the statistical gap between the larger, in accordance with the National Bureau of Statistics, 2008, 10% of the highest-income residents, per capita income is 4.3 million, while the research group's survey data is 13 .9 million.

He said a number of other macro and micro data, and the National Bureau of Statistics between the national income statistics has a very big contradiction, from another perspective, reflecting the distortion of the national income statistics.

By 2008, urban households in the car penetration rate reached 12%, that is not only 10% of the highest-income families can buy a car, there are some times high-income families can buy a car, families can buy a car The per capita disposable income of 4.3 trillion and per capita disposable income than people who obviously have a huge gap.

Another example, usually according to international experience, house prices and household per capita income ratio between the relationship is usually between 3-5 times, in such a range, the price is affordable housing, the residents can afford , while China's urban housing prices have reached more than 10 times earnings, according to such a high price earnings ratio of residents can not afford, there is no money to buy a house, but the past 10 years, China's very rapid growth of urban real estate sales, in the middle of the 10-year average of 16 per 100 households to buy houses, real estate sales last year was 3.8 trillion, the figure and the current statistical data on income is no way to coordinate together.

Wang Xiaolu that the National Bureau of Statistics statistical method to the random sampling, although internationally accepted scientific method, the reason for distortion of statistical data, because in the middle of the actual course of the investigation had two major deviation, a deviation is a considerable number of high-income residents unwilling to accept the investigation, and therefore the middle of the survey sample missing a lot of high-income residents; second deviation is included in the statistical sample of many high-income residents in the middle did not provide the real income data, the data they provide is far below their real income levels.

He said, the research group income included in the hidden income, and found that income disparity is far greater than the actual statistical data. According to statistics, 10% of the highest income of urban households and 10% of lowest income households is the ratio of income between 9 times, and re-measure the results of research group is 26 times.

Wang Lu said, because the legal system is imperfect, there is no clear definition of a lot of income is legal or not legal, the law does not clearly define this part of the revenue can be called gray income, there is actually a part of the illegal income, but there is no way in each case down the middle of clearly defined, this situation can also be known as the gray income. The main source of gray income first produced around the power of corruption and rent-seeking behavior, followed by leakage of public resources and Chanel Scarfconfiguration, and the third is the misallocation of land revenue, the fourth is a monopoly over the industry and some of its personnel high income. If the gray income into account, in fact, the structure of national income statistics and adjustments need to do more, such as the share of labor compensation share of income, lower than the statistics?

China's Economic System Reform Research Association, Song Xiaowu, speaking at the forum: Wang Lu doing research on the gray income, caused great controversy in the academic community, some support, some opposition, the National Bureau of Statistics also come forward to write and direct he was open to question, I think research on gray income at least to significantly move forward the discussion a step, it is very meaningful thing.

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