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The concept of Divine Presence is present in almost all the major religions in this world. The phase 'Divine Presence' means the presence of God in each human being or God's presence in nature. Though the Almighty is omnipresent but the mundane and materialistic thoughts and senses prevent the common men from experiencing the Divine Presence within. The path which leads to experience this Divine Presence is a higher level of inner consciousness. Daily mindful practice of various Yoga forms, such as Kundalini yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, can guide a human being in obtaining this higher state of spiritualism. Soulful prayer is also another way of experiencing the Omnipresence. And meditation is well recognized as a form of true prayer which helps human being to contemplate or fix the mind on a single thought. Meditation while practiced with meditation music, opens the human consciousness to the welcome of spiritual understanding.

Meditation keeps a man in perfect peace as the prime focus of mind remains on the realm of Soul. Free from the tangible thoughts and feelings, meditation takes one into a world of divinity. To reach this world of perpetual purity one must retire himself/herself from the world of material senses and silence all the earthly thoughts. Thus, the connection between the human soul and the divine soul is entrenched. This is the state of feeling, a stirring within or feeling the surge of the spiritual life. It is not always possible to take some time everyday for practicing meditation. But, as meditation is a sadhana or a spiritual exertion, the habit should be grown gradually and not suddenly. One needs to prepare the mind, body and soul before starting this sadhana. Likewise Yoga is an age-old science or art of concentrating mind on a single thought. While yoga demands rigorous physical exercise, meditation is all about sitting straight and quietly in a calm place. Soothing devotional music incorporated with these two practices enhances the effect by setting the right mood. Yoga music and meditation music can be played while practicing yoga or meditation.

Spirit Voyage is an online music company which offers a vast collection of such spiritual yoga music for all the yoga practitioners. This online company has also offered various DVDs which can help you in learning and practicing yoga and meditation. Both audio and audio-visual CDs and DVDs are available at the site. The audio-instruction CDs offered by Spirit Voyage can help the aspirant to find the solace within his/her own heart. The helpful audio instructions will guide him/her to achieve the higher state of spiritualism where he/she can feel the indwelling presence of the Almighty. Learn to practice yoga, to meditate with Spirit Voyage. Experience the divine love with the guidance of the most suitable yoga DVD like Soul of Healing Meditation by Deepak Chopra or The Yogi's Companion by Lauren Peterson that are offered at the site.

The divine presence prospers human life with universal consciousness and erases all the negativities from within, thus making it pure like a mountain stream. It omits all the obstacles, worries and pains and makes the path to God smooth like a rose petal. And the soulful tunes fill up the air with heavenly purity. Singers like Snatam Kaur, WAH!, Donna De Lorry and Gurmukh have lent their pure voices in these music albums making each yoga DVD truly blissful. Besides the Audio Instruction CDs, Spirit Voyage also offers an admirable collection of books, DVDs, CDs on each and every yoga poses, be it Kundalini yoga or Hatha yoga or Ashtanga Yoga. The collection includes some of the best creations of the modern yoga teachers such as Kundalini Meditation by Harijiwan Khalsa, Advanced Yoga by Rodney Yee and many more. Be the light of the world and feel the oneness with the Supreme Power.

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The author writes of Spirit Voyage which is engaged in offering various kinds of yoga music and meditation music. The company offers different CDs and DVDs for practicing Kundalini Yoga and other yoga forms.

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