Existing PPL Electricity Customers Are Choosing Alternate Energy Suppliers for Lower Rates

By: Jordan Adam

It was back in 1996 when the Pennsylvania legislature deregulated its energy system and created a competitive market with lower utility rates. Before then, utilities were sold through a monopoly, where the prices were regulated by the state and the utility companies. In an effort to prevent huge market fluctuations along with price gouging, the state placed specific rate caps on all PPL electricity utilities. Only recently have those caps begun to expire, creating high competition in the energy market.

Energy consumers now have the ability to take advantage of the lower rates, incentives, discounts and offers that are available for a limited time. Because of the high demand, it is important to switch as quickly as possible, because it may take more than four or five weeks to complete the entire process.

Price to Compare

It is important for every PPL electricity customer to comparison shop to calculate exactly how much they are currently paying for the electricity they consume. The calculation is simple and requires the last 12 months’ worth of utility bills, or copies of the bills. On each bill, it will state exactly how many kilowatt hours were consumed for the month, along with the rate that was paid for each kilowatt hour.

The total amount of kilowatt hours, and the rate, is all that is required to comparison shop between all the available alternate electricity providers in the area. Inputting the rate, and the annual consumption of kilowatt hours, will generate the total amount an alternate provider can offer, as compared to PPL electricity rates. In the end, consumers will have the ability to “price to compare” before selecting the best alternate provider where they can purchase electricity.

There are alternate energy suppliers that are offering energy plans based on renewable resources. Usually there is an additional cost to the average monthly bill that helps support generating power through renewable alternatives.

Existing PPL electricity residential and business customers now have the ability to purchase energy at much lower rates. It is important to take advantage of the lower rates quickly, because of the high demand of residential households and commercial businesses all seeking to make the switch right now. .

With an easy comparison analysis, consumers can quickly evaluate all of the available electricity providers to determine which one suits their energy needs. With no requirement to change the meter, the switch can happen quickly, with savings reflected on the next utility bill.

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Existing PPL Electricity residential and business customers now have the ability to purchase energy at much lower rates.

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