Exercises with Resistance Bands

By: Mel Joelle

Resistance bands are great for travel because they are light and easy to pack. They can be used in the privacy of your home or motel room for a great workout that is easy to do. You can get a whole body workout just by using resistance bands to work all of the muscle groups in your body. People who exercise at any level can benefit from using resistance bands in their workout routine. It is a good idea to try resistance bands with several different levels of resistance so you can discover which level works best for the different muscle groups in your body.

Chest and Arms

Bench presses are easy to do with a resistance band as long as you have a bench that is comfortable for you to lie down on and a leg that can be lifted. Secure the resistance band under the leg and perform the exercise just like you would if you were using a barbell. This exercise is safer using a resistance band because you don’t have to worry about carrying and dropping weights.

Crossovers are another exercise you can do using resistance bands instead of free weights. The band must be secured around a pole or post that is strong enough to support your weight. You should step away from the post so that there is tension in the band and bring your arms across your chest while keeping them straight. Another way to do crossovers is to lie down on the ground with a resistance band behind your back. The exercise can then be completed the same as if you were standing.

Full Body

Lunges and squats are exercises that work the major muscle groups of the entire body. To complete lunges using resistance bands, you should stand with your feet apart and step back about two feet with one of your legs. Put the one end of the resistance band under the foot that is in front and hold the other end of the bar with both hands. Bend the front leg until your thigh parallels the floor and then return to the position you started from. Make sure that you perform the same amount of repetitions with each leg.

Squats can be performed without using any exercise equipment, but performing squats using an exercise band makes your body work harder and gives you a better workout. To perform resistance band squats, start by standing with your feet apart in the middle of a resistance band. Hold the ends of the resistance band in both hands at shoulder level and keep the band at that level while you squat. One repetition is completed when you return to a standing position.

It can be difficult to determine the level of resistance bands you should buy and whether you are performing the exercises correctly, so it is your best interest to contact a professional for assistance when you’re getting started. Visit www.achieve-fitness.com to contact the fitness experts at Achieve Fitness to schedule a fitness consultation.

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