Exercises to Help with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

By: Tom Nicholson

If you have been suffering from the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, then you have probably grown very tired of the constant pain you feel with this condition. If you are and office worker you may be having a hard time completing your job properly. If you production is going down as a result of the carpal tunnel symptoms you might even be afraid of losing your job entirely. In addition to the pain and stress, you may be feeling confusion. You probably have no idea what to do about fixing this problem. Will it take weeks of rehab or surgery to relieve the pain?
Most people don't take care of their hands the way they should which is surprising when you consider how important the hands are. The hands are used constantly and are necessary to be productive and complete simple tasks. For people that make their living with their hands, they are even more important. The risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome is real and taking steps to prevent it is important.
What is carpal tunnel syndrome? Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that effects the hands, fingers and arms and is attributed to pain (and caused by) repeated motion in a job or hobby that you frequently perform. Some of these folks are typists, construction workers or even baseball players. The condition starts when the median nerve is pinched at the wrist. The median nerve runs the length of the arm and is bunched together by the transverse carpal ligament. This vital ligament can become strained and tighten itself around the wrist, thus causing the problem with the median nerve.
The symptoms can be annoying, painful, or unmanageable depending on how serve the condition is and how long it goes without treatment. The symptoms range from a mild tingling sensation in the fingers or hands to complete numbness or burning sensations in the area of the forearm. At times the fingers and hands can be cold or numb. Some people may loss complete functionality from time to time. When people look for ways to position themselves to relieve the stress in the wrists, they make end up with neck, shoulder, or back problems. Poor posture should be avoided at all costs.
What can be done to relieve the carpel tunnel symptoms? Many people will think about having surgery to relieve their symptoms, but this can be a risky choice. Nobody really knows the outcome of any type of surgery and even this simple procedure could problems down the road.
Before opting to have surgery, try a more natural approach to relieving the symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome. By practicing good posture, pressure will automatically be taken off the wrists. Take frequent breaks that will allow you to stand up and do some stretching so you aren't stuck in the same position. Taking the time to stretch your hands and fingers so the hands and wrists remain loose will pay huge dividends.
It is very hard to comprehend what it would mean to go through life without having the use of your hands. It is critical for the health of your hands to do some preventative maintenance. Taking these few simple steps can keep your hands in tip top shape.

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If you are a sufferer of CTS, then you are probably tired of the daily and constant aggravation you receive as a result of this condition. Visit carpal tunnel exercises to ease the pain and avoid spending money for surgery.

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