Exercises to Get Six Pack Abs Fast Without Dieting or Sit Ups

By: Vin Parkman

The biggest myth ever started regarding losing stubborn fat is that if you work your midsection it will somehow burn off. This has many individuals erroneously doing exercises to lose belly fat around the waist like crunches plus sit ups so that they are able to target here areas directly. Not only is this erroneous but it is the worst way possible to get rid of those extra inches around the waistline. If you truly need to get a six pack quick you need a completely different approach that targets the complete body in order to create a surge with the metabolic rate and speed fat loss.

Traditional ab workouts like crunches isolate the abdmoninal region directly and don't require many other muscles during the movement. Since the abs are such a small muscle group they additionally do not burn lots of calories while doing isolation exercises. If you wish to really see fat dissolve off your body you need to change to movements that get all of your muscles involved in the exercises to lose fat around the waist quick. Once you start doing difficult exercises which get your legs, plus entire higher body involved you burn fat quicker. The stabilization needed for many of these works your core plus your abs can be worked indirectly and directly in many ways.

Six pack exercises

Take a look at using an ab wheel and see how much sorer your abs are after this kind of workout. If you have never seen 1 it is a little wheel with a handle on each side. You get on your knees with the wheel in front of you and drive it forward on the floor slowly whereas extending your body. Then you pull it back in towards your body. This works the upper and lower abs very completely but also requires stabilization in the hip flexors, chest, shoulders, triceps, plus higher back. So instead of just getting a gut busting ab workout you're also burning additional calories overall which is able to step up your metabolism and burn additional fat.

The stability ball is another nice piece of gear because it has so much versatility. You can lie on top of it and do basic crunches which requires some stability in the hips plus thighs to stay on the ball and balance. The power to balance even brings the sides or obliques into play more and could help tone up those love handles. There are many advanced abdominal exercises that will be performed as well like pikes which then brings the upper body into play and once again burning extra calories to help burn which stubborn fat. This is where you get into push up position with your feet up on the ball. Slowly bring your knees to your chest while rolling the ball towards you. This requires nearly every one of the muscles in your entire body to work together which is how you really step up your metabolism.

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