Exercises to Build Muscle Fast Naturally

By: Andrey1982

It is quite obvious that you will need a special training in order to build muscle fast. In the workout routine provided in this article you will find the all the necessary exercises that will help you achieve great results easily. Today, we will tell you about a muscle mass building program that is called as 3 Kings of lifting weights. Also, we will explain the secret of its efficiency!

First of all, letís consider the exercises, which are the basis of the muscle mass building program. In general, the program implies doing bench press, deadlift, squat and assistance exercises. It should be noted that they play a key role in the process of building muscle mass. Doing these exercises on a regular basis you will be able to target many muscles of a body.

It is important to say that the 3Kings exercises provide a lot of advantages over other muscle mass building methods. It is a natural bodybuilding method. When you do 3Kings exercises such muscle mass building hormones as testosterone and human growth hormone are released naturally. When unnatural methods are used for getting these hormones the results are achieved in a short period of time. Nevertheless, unnatural ways of getting hormones may have a negative effect on your health in the future. So, it is better to avoid using these methods and spend more time to build muscles naturally. The 3Kings exercises are a natural, effective and safe way to build muscle fast.

The important benefit of the 3Kings exercises is that they are easy to understand. So, even people, who are not familiar with weight lifting and body building, can master the 3Kings exercises easily! Beginners often find it difficult to choose the ideal weight to do exercises and build muscle fast. However, by following simple recommendations you will manage to cope with this task quickly. So, letís suggest that you need to calculate ideal weight for doing the 3Kings exercises. Keep in mind the fact that the weight doesnít have to be too heavy. Also, the weight doesnít have to be too light. You should have optimal load. Selecting weight for the 3Kings exercises make sure that you will be able to do 3 sets of 10 reps with it.

When your weight is chosen you should work with it for 6 weeks. On the 7-th week it is recommended to stop doing workout and have rest. During the 7-th week you can also do the exercises that you didnít do if you missed a few days of training. So, it takes 7 weeks to complete the routine completely. Now, it is the right time to increase weight. Also, do 10 sets of 6 and 3 sets of 6 instead of 10 sets of 10 and 3 sets of 10. By taking your 1 rep max of the 3 Kings and multiplying it by 0.7 you will have 70% of your max. Acting in such a way, you will receive the weight that can be used for doing 10 sets of 6 reps. The muscle building program described in this article has helped a lot of people to build muscle fast. You can also join all these happy people and achieve the same results!

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