Exercises that will Help Ease Your Varicose Veins

By: Amber Smiths

Varicose veins will appear when veins (typically in your legs) stretch and their valves do not function anymore thereby preventing blood from running backwards. When the vein walls become weak, primary varicose veins happen. Should you suffer from these, you may work on some exercise routines to better your condition:


The easiest form and one of the most effective kinds of exercises that will help alleviate your situation is walking. By walking, you get your legs moving. By moving, you permit the flow of blood in your legs. So, instead of taking the elevator or driving your car, you may consider doing a short walk.

Shoulder Stand

Using a yoga mat or any related soft item, lie on your back with your arms beside your body and your palms down. Lift your legs toward the ceiling using your hands then bring them above your head. You're now in Plow Pose. Hold your hands together and make an attempt to move your shoulder blades to each other. Afterwards, direct your hands to your lower back. These will offer the support your lower back wants. See to it that your fingers are spread wide. Carefully, raise your right leg in the direction of the ceiling and then your left leg. Make certain you are in an upright position. Stay in this situation for one to three minutes.

Calf Stretching

Stand on a steep ledge. Let your heels get to the edge. Elevate yourself up on your toes and get down below the ledge on your heels. Be sure that there can be something that you can hang on in case you lose your balance. Repeat 30 times daily.

Standing Exercise

Go walking on your tiptoes. After a few minutes, walk on your heels. Execute this type of routine daily.

Knee Bend with Ankle Flex

As you lie face up, let your right leg get to your chest. Try to have a hold at the back of your knee. While in this situation, create a slow rotation using your ankle, from right to left. After eight counts, spin your ankle from left to right. Repeat everything with your left leg. Essentially, knee bend with ankle flex takes the pressure off your varicose veins. Do this fitness regimen once a day.


Lie with your back flat on the floor. You can opt to bring your hands to your sides or to place them underneath your buttocks to guide your lower back. Slowly, raise your legs and commence to do pedaling motion. The higher you lift up your legs, the more you boost your blood circulation. On the other hand, bringing your legs lower will enhance the resistance on your abs.

Aside from biking and swimming, the exercises mentioned above may help reduce your condition. However, you may need to talk to a healthcare specialist to ensure that you are performing the appropriate workouts for your varicose veins. Individuals with varicose veins have different scenarios; hence, they have varied requirements. Make a call today to set a scheduled appointment for vein screening.

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