Exercises for Back - The EASY Way to Back Pain Relief

By: Eric Normand

It simply cannot be denied that the spine is simply astonishing, having involved over many years to become what it is today. As you no doubt already know, the spine not only supports the body, but it also serves to connect the bones and muscles in the body. Ironically, a vast number of people still continue to suffer from back pain due to poor posture.
In the vast majority of cases this is simply because people don't appreciate the fact of just how simple good posture really is, and that by doing a few exercises, it is something which is in everybody's reach. Good posture goes hand in hand with the spines ability to support the body, and the good news is that one can totally eliminate back pain simply by mastering four basic principles.
Firstly, we need to ensure that the muscles in our body are able to withstand tension, in that they must be strong enough. Muscle strength is crucial in terms of us being able to carry out numerous tasks such as lifting heavy objects and even running. Even some activities which may not seem as if they are demanding also require a huge amount of effort on behalf of your muscles. For example, if you need to sit for any length of time, the muscles will have to work continuously so that the vertebrae can provide the support needed.
Flexibility on the other hand is the ability for a muscle to stretch and one should bear in mind that the longer your muscles are, the more flexible they will be, and the more capable they will be in terms of you being able to carry out numerous tasks. When a muscle lacks flexibility it tends to become short, and as a result, it will tend to remain tense unnecessary. When this happens, muscles will be literally wasting effort on tasks which should essentially not be demanding at all, and this in turn results in all types of aches and pains.
Relaxation on the other hand is the ability to relieve your muscles of tension. If we see strength as being the ability to tighten muscles, and flexibility being the ability to stretch, then relaxation is essentially the balancing point in between. In other words, this is when the muscles are neither tense nor or elongated. When a person manages to relax sufficiently, the body will naturally take on an efficient posture and this is something which people often fail to achieve due to unnecessary tension and the lack of flexibility.
The fourth exercise, which may in fact be considered to be the most important, is the ability to be aware of what your body is doing. Awareness enables you to realize exactly when your muscles are using strength, when your muscles are being flexible, and also when you're relaxing sufficiently. However, awareness is something which one needs to develop over a period of time, and in so doing, you'll be able to master the art of keeping your spine in perfect alignment. The bottom line is; in order to maintain an ideal posture you need your muscles to remain flexible while at the same time keeping unnecessary tension to a minimum. This is essentially why body awareness can help you dramatically in terms of achieving adequate relaxation.
Providing you do some posture exercises, all the skills mentioned in this article can be improved with no more than ten minutes of your time each day. You will however have to hone them all successfully in order to see results, bearing in mind that they all go hand in hand. As such, if you end up neglecting one of them, you'll either reach a point when no further progress is possible, or you'll simply end up back at square one.
Posture exercises are both an excellent means of lessening or eliminating back pain, as well as a skill that will improve the quality of your entire life. With very little effort you can enjoy vast improvements to your health, stamina, daily aches and pains and appearance. If you're searching for tangible improvement quickly, posture exercises may be just the ticket.

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Eric Normand helps people feel better and improve posture. He uses effective yoga and Tai Chi principles to help relieve back pain, relieve tension, and increase confidence. If you are excited about having vibrant energy and feeling better, read more about exercises for back.

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