Exercises That Help Stop Snoring

By: Lynn Lopez

Snorers are prescribed many various solutions for their snoring problem. It could be a change in their diet in order to help them lose weight and make it easier for them to breathe, particularly at night in their sleep. It could be the use of any nasal strips--placed on the bridge of the nose--which help clear the sinuses, or throat sprays, which are meant to help lubricate the mouth and throat passages. A change in one's sleeping position is also recommended, particularly because snoring happens when your mouth and tongue become more relaxed at night, with the latter falling to the back of the mouth and making the passage of air difficult, which takes place most frequently when you lie on your back. Some people even resort to drastic measures like getting surgery for any of the physiological reasons that cause their breathing obstruction.
But you don't have to resort to surgical alternatives right away, no matter how desperate you might think your case is. There are plenty of non-invasive and natural treatments that can cure your snoring. One of the options you can turn to is to do some stop snoring exercises.
What are stop snoring exercises, how can they help, and--more importantly--can they REALLY help? must be the questions that are running through your mind. Simply put, stop snoring exercises are workouts that you can do for your mouth and your breathing that can help curb your snoring. One of the causes of snoring is an overly relaxed mouth and tongue, as mentioned earlier, and you can strengthen these with some easy exercises.
For example, you can strengthen your tongue by keeping it active, sticking it out as far as possible, then moving it from side to side, trying to touch the area beyond the corners of your mouth and making it stretch down towards your chin. You can also try pressing your tongue up to your palate, opening your mouth widely, and breathing in and out. Try breathing without opening your mouth as well; keeping your mouth closed, take in air with your throat, which should make a rough, snoring noise, then breathe out with your mouth open.
Exercises that can help you stop snoring aren't a permanent foolproof guarantee against snoring. You need to do these exercises almost constantly, and you should also remember to do these along with any other snoring remedies that you might be taking. That will most certainly ensure that your efforts will yield effective results.

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