Exercise for Fun

By: Erik Nitsu

Your health is important to you. Having fun is important to you. So why not have fun while you exercise? You only have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use it wisely!

Hereís a common scenario. Iím sure you know someone whoís been through this, and maybe even you have yourself.

Itís Thursday. Kelly says she is wholeheartedly determined to lose that extra weight and become healthier and physically fit. She says sheís going to stop watching so much television and start going to the gym every other day, one of her most dreaded places in the world to visit. Start day? Monday.

Of course, Kelly has done this exact same thing before, and her workout routine didnít last long. Itís probably not going to last long now either. There are a few problems with this type of thinking.

First is, she picked Monday to start. If Kelly is truly committed to the task, sheís not going to wait until an arbitrary day to begin that task. Sheís going to start now, today. It is fallacy for her to believe that she is to actually accomplish something when you she doesnít have the desire to do so in the present. She doesnít have the mentality to do so.

Second, Kelly doesnít like the gym. Chances are, sheís not going to learn to like it either if she has other, more entertaining things to do in place of it, such as watching television.

Third, Kelly doesnít even have a plan for the gym. She has no idea what sheís going to do to actually lose that weight and become fit. She has very little knowledge on proper exercise techniques and is very much in the dark on the whole issue. Yet, she thinks that she will just go to the gym and everything will work itself out.

To solve her problems, Kelly needs to do a few things.

First, Kelly should do a little research, just a little looking around and thinking about what types of things she can do for a little exercise. Going to the gym is not necessarily a bad idea, even though she doesnít like it. But, to expect that going to the gym is the only thing that she is going to do is. She canít possibly expect to continue a workout routine at a place she doesnít like to be. Kelly needs to supplement some time with something that she enjoys doing.

Second, if Kelly indeed is going to go to the gym, she might want to think about getting a personal trainer to work out a good system for her personal needs. This will get her started in the right direction and she can then go on by herself without the personal trainer, but with check-out sessions as needed.

The most important thing is that Kelly find something fun to do that is just so happens to be good exercise. Exercising should be about fun, not work. Doing things for the fun of it is healthier and definitely more easy to do. Motivation is not a problem because itís fun. Whining about it doesnít happen because itís fun. Doing it is easy, because itís fun.

Going to a gym for most people is not fun. Then why do it? All you have to do is open your eyes a little and look at some of the things that you can do that are good exercise and a lot of fun.

Like the outdoors? Go for a walk. Go for a hike. Hopefully there is a place near your home or work place that provides a great view of nature. Walk up and down those hills, through dirt trails and enjoy nature.

Like the water? There are plenty of things that you can do in the water for a good work out. Just do it! If you have access to a pool, a couple of laps a day will keep you in much better shape than not doing it at all.

My exercise? I Trikke. Trikkeing is one of the best exercises that I have ever known. Itís fun, entertaining, and I receive lots of curious looks from strangers. Itís a great way to strike up a conversation with people as well.

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