Exercise Trampolines - Exercise And Fun Work Hand In Hand

By: Mike Jones..

Small exercise trampolines are the latest way to bounce your way to fitness. Remember how much fun you had jumping on trampolines as a child? I do, I also remember bouncing on the bed, it was not as much fun as the trampoline, I think the fun aspect was that we weren't allowed to jump on the bed and that was why it was so exciting.
The designers of sports equipment have caught on to the fact that combining functionality and fun works. Rebounder exercise such as that experienced when you bounce on a trampoline gives a fantastic workout. It is still very gentle on your joints and other body parts and can be as gentle or intense as you want.
It does take time to get used to this form of exercise as balance is pivotal. It may take as much as a week for some people to get the idea, whereas others get it in a day. It is just a matter of balance really.
Wearing soft-soled shoes is recommended when exercising on a trampoline as this prevents injuries to the feet. But again, it depends on you as a person and if you prefer to have bare feet this is also fine.
Like any other physical exercise routine, you have to start off with a warm up period. It certainly won't help for you to jump headlong into the most complicated routines. Your muscles also have to adapt to this different form of exercise. After about five minutes of gentle jumping and walking on the trampoline, you can start.
Your present fitness level matters, but generally speaking when you have completed about five different exercises, you will be sweating. But the difference with this type of routine is that you will also be smiling, and this is what makes it so special. You can find many online sites from which to purchase exercise equipment and they will also provide you with a guide that is in keeping with your level of fitness.
If you have difficulty with balance in the beginning, place your equipment next to a sturdy structure such as a wall. It should be within easy reach so you can reach out to touch it if you become unstable. Just a light touch will see you regaining your balance. Start off with low, barely imperceptible bounces and increase gradually till you are jumping higher, this is important to work the muscles correctly.
Warm up and cool down with a basic walk, and increase your heart rate with a basic jog. Eventually you will progress to the heel-toe bounce, jumping jacks, and other jazzy exercises, but one thing you will be guaranteed is great fitness and great fun!!

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