Exercise Programs for Lifting Weights

By: Tom Dahne

Compound weight lifting exercises should be focused on while creating a weight lifting program. With the help of such compound exercises, the individual will be able to target a great number of muscles in a short period of time. If carried out in the correct manner and with the appropriate resistance, squats benefit the legs in the largest degree while the upper body benefits the most by bench presses.

In brief, if you wish to target a particular body part, the following exercises are recommended:

1-Crunches for the abdomen

2-Military Press for the shoulders

3-Bicep Curls and Bench Dips for the arms

4-Pull up for the back

5-Calf Raises for the legs

Those weight lifting exercises that are slightly more intense should be repeated at least 6 times. These heavy exercises mainly aim at increasing strength. On the other hand, those weight lifting exercises that are considered to be on the lighter side should be repeated over 13 times and their main objective is to increase fitness and stamina. Last but not the least- that set of exercises whose intensity falls between heavy and light should be repeated at least 12 times. These exercises aim at increasing muscle size.

The number of repetitions vary because every exercise targets a different muscle and produces different results.

Naturally, if your main goal is to increase muscle size, your focus should be on medium sets. However, while you focus on these exercises, you mustn’t neglect the rest so that an overall positive affect can be achieved.

If your exercise program for lifting weights includes heavy and light sets, your muscles will grow at a faster rate and will remain responsive. It will also take away the monotony from carrying out medium sets on a daily basis and therefore, make your regime more effective in the long run.

A concept which explains how the muscle demand grows after each workout is called ‘progressive overload’. This is because as you work towards your goal, the intensity as well as amount of weight is increased. Consequently, the number of sets and repetitions are also increased.

In order to build muscle, the body must be convinced of the requirement and need. If you stick to a routine that consists of 30 push-ups every day, you will not see any results. This is because it is essential for you to increase this number gradually in order to make the body respond. Naturally, if the resistance increases, so does the muscle mass.

Therefore, ‘progressive overload’ should feature in your weight lifting exercise program. Your physical trainer should utilize this concept in such a way that the muscles are pushed into growing in the right manner and that each muscle fiber is targeted.

In order to motivate yourself into following an exercise program that focuses on lifting weights, its benefits should be kept in mind. These include:

1) The end result of such an exercise program is a toned body.

2) The metabolism rate is increased.

3) Excess fat is reduced.

4) Blood circulation improves.

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