Exercise Is Important In Many Ways

By: Trevor Johnson

OK, you keep hearing about it on the news and talk shows, but just why is exercise important?
The human body is not designed for inactivity. Sure, frequent rests and periods of being lazy are necessary to recharge the body. If you want to use your body to its fullest potential, however, exercise is important.
The reasons are many as to why exercise is necessary for you to live a healthy life. Below are just a few of the most relevant ones:
Exercise defends you against injury and disease. It reduces your stress and increases your stamina. When you are stressed or tight from work or life's pressures, exercise can help you reduce the knots in your muscles.
Done consistently, exercise builds up the stamina that you need to live well and live a long life. With increased stamina, your resting heart and breathing rates will return to normal more quickly after strenuous activity.
With a body more strengthened from exercise, your body can work wonders with itself. It can protect you from injury or disease. In fact, it can often help your body prevent injury or disease in the first place.
And, of course, research has concluded that consistent exercise helps decrease your chances of incurring cancer, developing high blood pressure, or contracting diabetes.
In addition to improving your strength, exercise also helps make you more flexible. Because of this increase, you can perform athletic feats more easily. You can do more with less effort, and recover more quickly after exercise. Your flab will also firm up.
And we all know what it means to be firmed up. Muscle tone. Improved posture. Confidence. Better looks.
As you reduce your stress, you increase your self-image. Overall, you feel better - mentally, physically, and emotionally. You get along better with friends and loved ones, you work more efficiently, and you enjoy life better.
As well, you can do everything more efficiently, which is more important than most people realize. You can do more without using as much energy. You get more work done - whatever that work may be - and you get it done in less time.
Put altogether, exercise improves your life. And that makes it very important for you to engage in so you can live life better and more comfortably.

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