Exercise Benefits of Proper Physical Training

By: Eddie Lomax

You want real strength, conditioning and fitness exercise benefits that can be applicable to everyday activity... Not ridiculous, absurd promises and fantastic, unbelievable claims.

You don't need me to tell you that there are physical and mental benefits associated with exercise and a healthy lifestyle... everybody knows that.

However, I do feel that there are so many faulty and misleading claims floating around the fitness industry that I should discuss the real exercise benefits you can expect to enjoy from proper physical training.

Keep in mind, these are only a few of the exercise benefits you can expect...

Real World Performance Improvement

Don't just perform better in the gym, but have your physical training efforts translate into usable, functional performance improvements for sport, work, life. Why improve a physical ability in a way that it is not applicable to improving performance in your every day activities?

Increased Functional Strength

Take your maximum strength, your explosive power and your strength endurance in compound movement exercises to new levels making you truly "stronger" for all activities. Improving the entire spectrum of strength in proportion to other skill advancements will give you more "usable" strength... under a wide variety of circumstances.

Pack on "Useful" Muscle

Don't just inflate your muscles for show, but increase muscle that improves posture, provides better support for your joints, reduces the risk of injury and increases over-all performance, making you better at everything you do. It is about muscle "optimization"... not muscle "maximization".

Develop Superior Endurance

Develop the cardiovascular / respiratory endurance that allows you to perform better over a greater spectrum of activity and increase your work capacity to do more over-all. Slow and steady aerobic training is only one of three energy pathways that must be trained... to have endurance for all occasions you must train all three!

Reduce Fat

Unwanted, unneeded fat will melt away, further improving your performance. With the increase of "optimal" muscle, your basal metabolic rate will increase... leading to long-term, sustainable fat loss.

Spend Less Time Training

Short, intense workouts produce the best results. Furthermore, intense workouts will increase your metabolism for several hours following the workout... promoting greater fat loss.

Forge Iron Willed Mental Toughness

Just think of how much you will benefit in all of life's challenges with the added ability to identify your limitations, and push past them. Testing and challenging your physical abilities through exercise will have the added benefit of training your mind for success... preparing you for all of life's challenges.

Avoid Costly, Ineffective and Time Consuming Mistakes

Make greater and faster strength, conditioning and over-all fitness improvements by avoiding Snake-Oil Salesman promises, worthless exercise advice and costly equipment.

Feel Better and Happier

Intense exercise can increase the bodies natural levels of dopamine, serotonin and nor epinephrine, which can fight off depression and just generally improve your mood. Who couldn’t benefit from a natural attitude adjustment?

And these are just to name a few of the exercise benefits you can expect from proper physical training.

The amount of real physical and mental benefits that you will enjoy from proper physical training, a healthier lifestyle and improved over-all strength, conditioning and fitness are innumerable.

Now, isn't that why you train?

If you are not enjoying these exercise benefits from your current physical fitness training program... it is time for a change.

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Coach Lomax is a strength, conditioning and fitness coach dedicated to building better humans for sport, work and life. Learn more at Optimum Physical Training or take his FREE Tabata Calisthenics Workout Mini Course.

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